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  • Outdoor video surveillance gear

    I have been looking but I haven't really found a good affordable solution for a surveillance camera that could be placed on a roof, in a window or other such place and viewed/recorded remotely without a WiFi signal nearby without spending 1000's on a pole cam system. Is anyone using something like that? If so, would you mind sharing your setup?
    Thanks in advance

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    It's rather simple. The camera connects directly to your nearby digital video recorder (DVR) either via wifi or ethernet cable (looks like heavy duty phone cable with oversized phone plugs on each end). The DVR plugs into your computer's router, which plugs into the internet. Just log on from anywhere in the world using your computer or smartphone and you're hooked up. The DVR should come with all the instructions and software

    If you are looking for a cheap, do it yourself setup and are skilled enough to make it work, take a look at Swann. They have reasonably inexpensive packages.

    A few words of warning (because I went through this years ago and learned the hard way). The quality of your picture is going to depend on the price of your equipment, how many cameras you have and the speed of your internet service. You get what you pay for. If you go cheap, you're going to get crappy video. In addition, the farther the video has to travel, the slower and jerkier the picture, so even if you have an expensive system, viewing from far away may be disappointing.

    Unless you know what you're doing, installing one of these may not be for the faint of heart, I own an apartment building in a bad neighborhood and live at the beach where there is an ongoing trespassing problem. In order to save money, I bought a 16 camera system for the apartment building, a 16 camera system for my home and paid professionals to install it. You don't realize how many additional items are required for an installation, ranging from tie wraps, to hole putty to cable lube (yes, there is such a thing as cable lube). I didn't have these things so I had to pay the installers for them separately at an inflated retail price because I did not buy the whole system from them. Every time a camera or cable broke after installation, the professionals reminded me that I bought the system from someone else and I needed to look to them for warrantee replacement. I had to pay the installers to come out and remove the bad unit, then i had to send it to the company I purchased it from, have no coverage from that camera while waiting for a replacement and then pay the installers to come back out and install the new camera. With that many cameras, after just a few things going bad it became obvious it would have been cheaper to buy the whole package, instalation and everything from the installers. That way when something broke, they had to come out and fix it for free under warranty.

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      might want to reach out to your regional deconfliction information center...they sometimes loan the resources you are after and at a minimum might have the technical expertise and advice you can go forward in the decision process with.
      point am i clear?


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        We call ROCIC, (our regional RISS center) if they don't have it, they'll cobble something together.
        Cost our agency $200./ year and includes intel analyst created reports, flash $$, batch data collation & interpretation, and even giant print outs of whatever for court/ trials.

        If for your own use, a game camera from Wally world is the cheapest way to go.....

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