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Refurbished Taser X26E or Ph***er Enforcer


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  • Refurbished Taser X26E or Ph***er Enforcer

    I'm going to be purchasing a CEW within the next week or two and I'm trying to decide between a refurbished Taser X26e or a refurbished Ph***er Enforcer. Both have their benefits. The Taser is a well known brand and with that popularity comes the benefit of having many accessories to choose from. The Ph***er Enforcer uses the same cartridges as the Taser, with the benefit of a lower price point and a rechargeable battery pack.

    While the rechargeable battery pack is a nice feature, it certainly doesn't bump the Taser X26e out of the running and even the rechargeable battery pack will need to be replaced eventually. The only time the batteries on either brand would be of a major concern to me, is if one of the companies went out of business as these are both, proprietary battery packs. Every indication is that Taser isn't going out of business anytime soon.

    So I would like hear from others on what they think and if you have experience with either one of these brands that would make you choose one brand over the other, please post details. Thanks.

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    My Taser instructor told me that Taser will not fix any older model Tasers. So unless you know an independent repair shop then I wouldn't buy a old model Taser.
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      The laser sight on a Taser is point of aim/point of impact for the top probe. The Enforcer laser sight is midway between the probes so you have to estimate where the top probe will hit. The "iron sights" of the Enforceer are somewhat less effective than those of the Taser.
      The Enforcer shuts down after three cycles. If you have to engage a fourth time, you need to on-safe/off-safe the weapon by operating a lever on the back of the weapon. I understand the reasoning behind this concept, but if you need a fourth cycle of an ECD, something is going pretty wrong.
      You can launch a variety of projectiles from the Enforcer, but apart from the electronic control cartridge, you're better off using other platforms.

      The biggest issue with the Enforcer is the lack of research and testing compared to TASER International products. While I don't doubt that the Enforcer does work in many or most cases, we have no empirical evidence that works as well as Taser products. When I last talked with the Enforcer people, I was told the Air Force would be testing their products, but I have yet to read any results.

      I'd really like to see TASER International get some competition, but I'm not sure the Enforcer is ready to roll yet.
      John from Maryland


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        I would like to say thank you to both members who posted. I went ahead and purchased a Taser X26E.

        I'll keep in mind that Taser may not repair older units, but I think I'll be fine for sometime. Taser is still making and selling the X26 for the time being, and there are many departments across the United States and throughout the world who are still using the Taser X26 and don't have the funds to upgrade to the latest models, so I figure if I do have a problem down the road, by then it will probably be time to upgrade anyway.



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