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Covert/Undercover Surveillance Equipment


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  • Covert/Undercover Surveillance Equipment

    I am trying to find a decent covert/undercover system (audio and video) for our narcotics unit. So far I've found the Oculus system and a system from Adaptive Digital Systems. I need to find one more for quote purposes. The units I'm looking at cost around $10,000 or so. Any ideas of another system would be greatly appreciated....Thanks, CLM

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    It's been almost two years since you posted your question, and nobody has posted a response.

    Unfortunately, I won't be able to help you either- you need someone far geekier than I. My strongest area is responding to 9-1-1 calls involving in-progress violent person crimes.


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      Are you looking for a body worn or carried recorder / tx? Or are you simply looking for surveillance recorders?

      For our UC's we used as live audio monitors....

      iphone case that transmitted audio by Mineroff Electronics
      belt that had a transmitter in the belt buckle from Mineroff Electronics
      SME / BTX Transmitter from Mineroff

      All of those could be dialed into from a cell phone and monitred via cell phone and as many people that could dial in could monitor it.

      For Video / Audio Recorders we had from Mineroff electronics;

      iphone case
      water bottle
      baseball hat
      key fobs
      USB thumb Drive
      Garmin GPS

      Just as I left the unit when I retired we were bringing online from Mineroff electronics live audio AND video transmitters that could be monitored from an smart phone, an ipad or a laptop.

      I'm pretty sure that was from Mineroff electronics.


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