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  • Southeastern Wisconsin

    It seems like the job is not dead in SE WI. I see many Police Department in SE WI are doing pursuits for traffic offenses and being proactive. Except for Central WI they seem to be more like Minnesota policing ie no pursuit except violent crimes.

    Is this true?

    Any members have any insight and recommendations on proactive Police Department's in Wi or Midwest who encourage enforcing laws, finding ****, making to community a better place to live and work?

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    In the Madison area, there are a few agencies that still have looser pursuit policies. Ones that come to mind are Monona and Maple Bluff.

    The latter is a small community surrounded by Madison, but includes a road commonly used by criminals, as well as the only liquor store in the Madison area that can sell after 9:00 p.m. (like moths to a flame, they come). From what I hear, the department has the full support of their village board - as a higher-income community, they have a vested interested in keeping the riff-raff out.

    Both Madison PD and Dane County Sheriff's Office relaxed their pursuit standards a whle back, in large part as a response to the huge uptick in stolen autos, thefts from autos, and home-invasion burglaries. It's not like it used to be, but better than it was.

    State Patrol also has a reputation for chasing fleeing autos until the cows come home.


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