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    i have an associates degree and went to the police academy at MATC. Will this be enough to get me hired, or should I go for my bachelors?

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    Could you get hired with only having an associates? Yes, but I remember a while back looking at the hiring list of the officers that were hired by the department last year in 2017. The department shared the level of education and prior career experience they had prior to joining MPD. I wanna say of the 35 or so that were hired only 3-4 had associates, the rest having bachelors, masters, if I remember right there was even a JD or 2 in there as well. MPD has super high standards for the officers that they hire, as they should for a department that is as nationally recognized and respected as MPD is. Since you have the academy in the bag already I'd suggest trying to get on with a smaller department in the Dane County area, get your foot in the door, start making connections, and try to knock some college courses out online in the meanwhile to try and finish off your bachelors degree. That'll highly increase the odds of you being able to get hired at MPD.


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      I second this.

      I believe there were around 35 hires for their most recent recruit class. Over 1000 applied. Education is one of the areas that will allow a candidate to stand out. Other components are writing skills, community involvement, volunteerism, foreign language skills, and more.

      Another reason to get the 4-year (or more) degree: Madison offers an education incentive that provides a significant pay bump after a couple years of employment. The amount of the bump is dependent on whether you have a Bachelor's, Master's, JD, or PhD (yes, there are some of the latter).

      All that being said, the degree isn't everything. IIRC, MPD recently hired a recruit straight out of high school. They will offer spots to those with no degree and allow the employee up to 2 years to earn or finish the required 60 college-level credits the state requires for LEOs.


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        I also agree . From what I hear they don't even take people with associates. They take more people with masters than associates. They place more emphasis on education than any other department in the state.


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          Originally posted by Dedede123 View Post
          I also agree . From what I hear they don't even take people with associates. They take more people with masters than associates. They place more emphasis on education than any other department in the state.
          Er...I'm not sure I totally agree with these statements.

          They WILL take people with an AD; I know many that have been hired there with that level of education. But they bring more to the table beyond education, like a lot of life experience, prior LE experience, a history of community involvement, etc.

          And I'm not sure how you would quantify a comparison of how much emphasis they or other departments place on education level. In my experience with multiple hiring processes in WI (including Madison), each department looked at every candidate as an individual package of skills, life experience, testing scores and more. Then they determine if the candidate looks like a good fit, based on their departmental expectations. While an MA looks better than an AD, the main issue departments are concerned with is whether or not the candidate has enough education to meet the state standard to be certified.

          Another point is that Madison runs their own academy, regardless of prior academy attendance or previous LE experience. I know officers that lateraled to Madison after working for 10+ years in other departments; they still had to go through Madison's own academy.


          • Dedede123
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            I'll second that. Prior experience is a big help.over the education hurdle. Having ties to the community with a job related to the community or HEAVY volunteer work can also be an asset.

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