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About the Southworth mystery.


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  • About the Southworth mystery.

    Here is a extra note... that was passed on to a friend, whom I know who works for the law as a volunteer, in my area, about the insert on the James Southworth incident.She claims to have heard what sounded like fast repetitive shooting within seconds as if rounds where being unloaded from a gun then heard it again,then it went completely silent.I think a good metal detecting of this area could be looked into ..It sounded like it was close to the area of the bridge.She claims it happened on the same day of that incident.I was not there so I can not claim this is true...She says it is what she heard.Anyway, I hope this will help.I look at it this way....Maybe the person unloaded his gun to hide it somewhere in the woods or stream and then unloaded his also..If Clark County is on here..... Hello!
    There could be shells etc on the ground or in the dirt that were not picked up.
    P.S.S. If they need some good metal detector people, I search through anything (except water)to get the job done,no questions asked and I do free hunting,all day!I know a whole load of people who would also be possibly interested if ever needed. I also have *references from searches I have done for other people.Tesoro Sebra 2 M.D. ......Frank
    Always your friend....Thank You Blue!

    P.S.S.! This was now passed on to the authorities...Thankyou for reading.
    Lets hope something good comes from the information.
    Again....Thank You BLue!!
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    Since I am having fun bumping old posts, I had to bump this one.

    I miss frank.
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