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Just a interesting thought! For Police.


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  • Just a interesting thought! For Police.

    I see that they are looking for information on the Clark County, WI ..... Jim Southworth shooting case.My friend heard a lot of shooting... one of the days of during that deer hunting week.....since she lives right down from where this man was shot. I was working that day as a police volunteer already, when police had volunteers looking for evidence. A thought just occurred to me..... if it has not already been checked! There is a bridge back down this one lane road.... that can not be driven over and it is plum full of bullet holes...Could they find holes that could match that of the ones used for the shooting???? Also can they tell if those are newer holes??.... like if they where just put in the other day...That would mean the killer guy is still around!I am going to call my friend to ask about that day again....Not only she says the police also spoke with her neighbors who has a vehicle which had looked the same and is gone! now,but they took him off the list of suspects.SO FAR!
    This is the family who has hassled her and she claims killed her dog ect....Whom I spoke about here on this site early this summer.
    Quote***No finger pointing here..
    That bridge... though... is just an interesting thought!I would love to go down there and take my Tesoro detector along for some deep ground searching also!!!!Maybe they could find those bullets in the ground that went through that bridge!
    By the way!!! The road is 10 to V through Lindsey, WI to the 1st curve, then take a right on Carry Rock road to the end and take right on that one lane dirt road and go to the end to that bridge about 1 mile! Hopefully it is still there!This is where my Friend said she heard guns. I bet your thinking..... I could write a novel. Just call me James .....James Bond!
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