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I'm looking for any L.E. shops in the Madison Area.


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  • I'm looking for any L.E. shops in the Madison Area.

    I'm trying to locate a decent store for various L.E needs in the Madison area. My Criminal Justice program has recently asked if we (I) can procure a set of black polos for the purpose of embroidering the schools C.J. logo on the shirts left breast. I've always admired Royal Robins for the interesting features they have in the past, incorporated into their clothing. After reading of the benefits 5.11 Tactical (Formally Royal Robin) Professional Polo claims to offer, I feel 5.11 is what exactly what I'm looking for in a durable and forgiving shirt. I realize there are hundreds of sites on the intraweb and I can simply order the shirts online from. I also realize 5.11's site has a fitment guide, but I'd like to physically wear the shirt. Before I shell out close to $70.00; I want to see what sizes I feel most comfortable with; hence, I am looking for a store locally. Any help would be appreciated and if you have any personal experience or input please feel free to chime in.


    P.S. I miss my Rangerjoes and U.S. Cav.

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    Well, frankly, there's only two stores in the Madison area. Schenk & Huegel and Professional Equipment Supply. S&H is in Madison, on the near east side. I buy my uniform pants from them, nearly every MAPD officer buys their uniforms there as well. I find their tailors to be absolutely top notch. Unfortunately, their prices are a bit on the high side. Also, I don't think they carry anything in the 5.11 line.

    PES is in Deerfield (about 15 miles east-southeast of Madison). I know the owner there. He's a decent guy, tries real hard. His shop has only been around for about 2 years whereas Schenk has been around for decades. PES does carry alot of 5.11 stuff. And does carry the polos. He can also do embroidery (my dept. has our recruits buy polos from him with our logo embroidered on them for some training). We don't buy the 5.11 shirts, though some of our training staff has bought a bunch of them. The 5.11 shirts are great stuff and short of mail order, PES is probably your only local source without going to Milwaukee to see the Streicher's bunch ...don't do it.

    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me.
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      Go to see Whitey at Professional Equipment and Supply. He's had some problems with his old tailer, but everything is better now. I used to go to Skank Huegel, but I stopped for 2 reasons.

      1.) If you are not Madison PD, you are nothing. I was in Shenk looking for a Gortex baseball cap. I asked the clerk for the Gortex caps. He walks me over to where they are, and sees that there are 2 left. One of them was already prestitched with "police" on it and the other was plain blue. As I reach for the one already stitched, the clerk grabbed it away from me and took it in the office stating that one was for Madison PD.

      2.) They treat you like a hoooooooo in the beginning of the year. They know most officers get their uniform allowance after the 1st of the year. I made the mistake of going there the first week of January. After I spent about $40, the clerk was telling me that I need to buy more. GET OFF MY BACK!

      Anyway, head out to Deerfield and go to PES. While you are there, shoot some rounds off at his indoor range.
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