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  • Wisconsin Department of Justice

    I posted this in 2 places. Here in the Wisconsin section and under employment as well.

    I'm currently a police officer in the state of Wisconsin. I am thinking of applying for a Special Agent position (when and if one becomes available) with the WI Department of Justice.

    What is the process for new agent placement in the 6 statewide locations?

    How long does the hiring process take? Do they have you go through specific training once you are hired?

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    I dont *think* there are any DCI agents on the board. I know that you must already be certified (not a problem for you). I've spoken to a friend who went through their last process, she described it as not much different than any other PD. She did say that the background was more intensive than the one she went through for her PD, though.

    From another DCI/BNE agent I know: placement is you get what no one else wants. Most of the new agents start out in BNE or general investigations though and work their way into other things. He didn't have much to say about the process, he recalled it taking about 8-10 months. Training is generally being paired with a more senior agent and any other job specific training. ie. general investigations people go to death investigation and homicide training, narco people go to the narc investigators course.

    No idea when the next process will be. Last one was about four years ago. When it opens up, I'm almost certain I'm tossing my hat in the ring.
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