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Up Goes the Bond Amounts....Again!


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  • Up Goes the Bond Amounts....Again!

    Well, here we are folks, that wonderful time of the year when the almighty legistlature decides to raise fine amounts again. I don't know about you, but they really confused me this time. Our department recieved a goofy memo from our Clerk of Courts explaining the new bond amounts. Or I should say, not explaining them. If I were to go out and get an OWI right now, I would have NO idea what the hell the bond amount would be to list on the citation. Great huh? I am fully sick and tired of this ****. Fine amounts are high enough. So until I get some clarification on this issue, i'm done writing tickets.

    What do you think?
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    I know exactly what you mean. I started working over here in MN and was trying to find the bond schedule for all traffic violations. Guess what? You don't put a fine anywhere on the citation. They call a number after a few days and figure out how to take care of the citation that way. Plus you can add multiple charges all on one citation. Instead of writing out 4 citations for 4 different charges, they are all on one ticket. There is even a check box for some common ones (No seatbelt, speed, etc.) Talk about an easier way of doing things! I was pretty shocked.



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      Plus, they changed it that first offense OAR is now a civil forfeiture, and not a criminal offense. (Unless it is OWI related.) They dropped the deposit amount to $100 too.
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        I'm glad I'm not the only one frustrated and confused over this. It would be nice if they all went up in the same amount, but there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the increases. $77.20 went up to $78.50. $102.00 went up to 103.50. $124.00 went up to $128.50.$150.50 went up to $153.50. Where they came up with these numbers is a mystery to me.

        And, as I recall, it was only a couple of years ago when the pols. decided to get tough that they changed 1st offense OAR to a criminal offense. Now they change it back. What's up with that!?
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          Didn't know they changed OAR back. Not surprised though. Many articles in the papers where I worked about how the DA was swamped with OAR-1st and had little time for other cases that really mattered.



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            New OAR law

            To Keith or anyone else who is interested...

            Nancy Bekx is a legal instructor for Fox Valley Tech. She puts out a legal update weekly, and has an excellent website with current caselaw, Q & A, along with a discussion board. You can email Nancy at [email protected], give her your credentials, and she should give you access to the website and add you to the mailing list.

            __________________________________________________ _____________
            Nancy's New OAR law summary

            This law applies to offenses occurring on or after July 28, 2005.*

            All OWS offenses are forfeitures.

            All OAR 2nd offense or higher are criminal.

            1st offense OAR is sometimes criminal and sometimes a forfeiture.

            If the revocation is from OWI type offenses (see below), the offense is criminal.

            All others are forfeitures.

            Abbreviation Codes

            OWI, PAC, CWI, HWI, OCS, CCS, HCS

            OII, CII, HII
            Causing injury

            CA, HCA
            Commercial .04-.08

            CAI, HAI
            Commercial causing injury .04-.08

            NHI, CHI, HHI, CAD, HAD
            Causing death

            GBH, CBH, HBH, CAH, HAH
            Great bodily harm

            IC, CIC, HIC
            Implied Consent / Refusals

            Similar convictions from other jurisdictions also count.

            *The OAR part of the act went into effect on July 27, 2005. However, the new OAR provision says that "any person who violates sub. (1)(b) AFTER (my bold) the effective date of this paragraph shall forfeit..." July 28 would be the first date AFTER the effective date (July 27). Therefore, I now believe that the violation must take place ON or AFTER July 28, 2005 to come under this new provision.
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              The new OAR 1st requirements are a pain in the arse. I was under the impression that started 07-27. Our city attourney looked up the bill and seems to think it doesn't go into effect until Sept. 30


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