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Waukesha County Sheriff 2010-2011


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  • Waukesha County Sheriff 2010-2011

    Just got called today to schedule an interview later this month.

    Does anyone work there currently or have any experiences or knowledge of the hiring process or just the department in general?

    I applied last fall and really didn't hear anything until today so this call was quite out of the blue. Any information would help.

    Thanks everyone.

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    I grew up in Waukesha County and have lived here for 12 years now. Waukesha Sheriffs Department is the third largest Sheriff's Department in the state, behind Milwaukee and Dane counties.

    I also applied last fall, but was only 20 at the time and didn't meet the 21 years of age requirement. This is my #1 place to work after I graduate next spring, so I hope they keep hiring!

    Good luck to you, and if you have anymore questions just let me know!
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      I interviewed with them in DEC2010 and moved on in their process. They are VERY selective in their hiring. They are looking for a specific candidate, and have no intentions of just filling a vacancy. They did my background, I took a polygraph and then nothing. I still haven't heard anything, although I'm going to assume I'm not getting hired. They are a good department, and if hired you can get into a lot of different things. When you interview, DON'T tell them what you think they want to hear. This is a general rule for all interviews, but even more so for WCSD. Practice your interviewing skills. Have a friend throw some curve balls at you, and practice your responses. I'm not here to tell you the specific questions, but I will say the interview is thorough and atypical. Remember, integrity is everything. Be forthcoming and honest. Hope this helps. Good luck...


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        Another thing I remember from when I went through the process in early 2010 is that they said "no news is good news," meaning if they don't contact you your still in. I found this hard to deal with because you always want to get some sort of input, but then I guess you were still getting input. Everyone that I worked with throughout the process were great people.


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          Thanks for the responses everyone.

          If anyone has anything else to add, please do.


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