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Question about job requirements


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  • Question about job requirements

    I have a question regarding a certain requirement for a LE position here in Wisconsin. The requirement is that your drivers license be free of revocation or suspension for the last two years.

    Mine was suspended for about 20 days without my knowledge in 2008 over $20 unpaid on a ten mph over speeding citation. I knew I had the unpaid amount but did not realize my license was suspended until I called to pay the balance. I have a what I would think to be a pretty clean driving record, just three speeding tickets of 1-10 over in the 13 years I have been driving. Nothing else.

    The agency I have applied for has invited me to the written exam but I am obviously concerned about the license requirement. I am worried that I will get halfway into the process (we all know that is no small chore, LE hiring processes are gruesome) and either through what information I provide in the background or when they do the background this will obviously come to light.

    Is something like this something I could overcome with other good qualities or since it is listed as an actual job requirement, should I simply not sign up for the exam in the interest of saving my time and the agencies time? I almost want to go for it anyways and have the agency kick me out of the process rather than myself. I feel it shows more determination for the job even though it may all be for not.
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    Just be honest about all the details of the incident and take the exam. Like you said, don't eliminate yourself. I have seen people get hired with worse on there records. In fact when I first got hired as an officer back in 1997 I had an open intoxicant ticket as a passenger on my record. They asked me about it, but I still got the job.


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      I would still take the written exam. It never hurts with the practice that you can get taking exams. Also, just give the department a call or email the Chief (or whoever can help) and just ask. If you make it through the process and your driving record comes up, just be 100% honest about everything.


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        I would get in touch with whomever is handling the hiring process ASAP and explain your concern...Accept responsibility for what happened and don't make excuses. Just be honest and you'll probably be fine. Good luck!


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