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Criminal Justice Degree in Wisconsin


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  • Criminal Justice Degree in Wisconsin

    Many PD's require a 2 year degree in criminal justice. Given my current job and living conditions it would be very difficult to obtain unless done online. Does anyone know if you will actually get hired having a degree from the university of Phoenix. I took one look at it and it looked like a diploma mill. With that said it would be the easiest way for me to work at my job live at my home and still get a degree. Any thoughts or experiance???

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    Many of the UW schools offer online degree programs, so look into that. I know UWGB, UWO, and UWP do (Green Bay, Oshkosh, Platteville), not sure of the others but I'd guess they do.

    The official state standard is 60 college credits, some PD's don't specify what the degree should be in - check with the agency you are interested in to make sure what their requirements are.

    UOP is as far as I know an accredited school, so it's not a "diploma mill" as I understand the term. I took some classes through them before switching to UWGB. I did have to do work for the grades I recieved - diploma mills are places that'll give you a degree without doing any work, aren't they?

    UOP is a business first - they are there to make money. So that's I guess one respect in how they are different from other schools. (Although whenever you walk into ANY college bookstore it sure feels like they want to make money!)
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      I have heard horror stories about UOP. Like stated above they are not non-profit, they want your money and its very expensive. I inquired about UOP earlier in the year and got constant calls, just like a telemarketer. I am currently taking classes with Upper Iowa University online. They are a brick and mortar school and are non-profit. Check out UOPsucks.com for other horror stories.


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