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How tough is it to get a job in WI?


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  • How tough is it to get a job in WI?

    There is a post in the MN section with part of the post being about how easy it is to find a job working for a pd in WI compared to MN. How many applicants are some of you folks competing against for a job in WI? I'd venture to say it would be similar to that in MN.

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    It is pretty similar. The one thing that is easier in WI is transferring another state's cert to here - there are two classes you can take that are MUCH shorter than the basic 520 hour course - one is 120 hours and the other is 40. AFAIK, that's easier than it is to get a cert in WI and move to MN, for example. (I'd love to be wrong on that)

    But other than that, it's pretty darned hard to get a job in WI. Depending on the department you're going against a couple hundred people at least. For some jobs like the State Patrol and the DNR wardens, you're going against thousands. There are more than a few PD's that have no problem hiring no one at all and running another process.

    The polygraph is used for some hiring processes but it doesn't seem to be as common as other states - that's a guess, but a pretty good one I think.

    One advantage - there are relatively few traditional style academies in WI. Most of the academies are run by the Technical College system. I have attended classes at two of the Tech schools and both were VERY intense. They don't just pass you through, you have to earn it. It's just not what you'd think of with a traditional style academy. That's fine, both ways get the job done.

    Really, I'd bet that it's much the same in both states. Very difficult process, very long, very stressful (X2).
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      I don't think it is very hard to get hired in WI. It took me 2 months to get hired. Most of the processes I was in had 15-50 applicants, with an exception for Milwaukee which had over 1,000. Milwaukee wasn't very difficult either, pass everything and go to an academy.


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        If you're already through academy, your options as to where to apply to are almost endless. There are tons of different state agencies, 72 county agencies, and tons of municipal agencies out there to apply for. I found finding a firefighting job was extremely difficult compared to police, just because there are so few fire departments, and about the same number of people looking for a firefighting job compared to police.

        It really comes down to how willing are you to move to a different part of the state, how many departments are in the part(s) of the state you're willing to apply for, and how willing are you to go from interview to interview? The most likely people to get hired are those who go to interview after interview all the time until they get a job offer. Some places pick their explorers and interns (or corrections officers, etc...) over other applicants if they know and trust them, but I would say dedication to keep applying to lots of different places over anything else is your best bet in getting a job.


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