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a few questions about a car i bought (ex cruiser)

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  • a few questions about a car i bought (ex cruiser)

    i bought a wv state police car from the agency for surplus property in dunbar and i have a few questions.

    is the spotlight legal to have? reading this makes me think it is
    i really dont want to have to remove it because i actually use it on my personal property (like when i have to unlock the door, or need to work on my other vehicle in a pinch)

    2, my car has grey primer sprayed where the gold roof/pillars were. as it sits its blue and primer grey. i replaced the police honeycomb grill with one from a regular vic, and plan on painting my roof dark blue to match. i dont want it looking like a cop car, im in the process of doing everything but it takes time and money. oh yeah... it has the center caps, which i plan on eventually replacing.

    i have passed quite a few leo's: wood co so / wv sp/ vienna wv police and parkersburg police all with no problem, but the other day a parkersburg cop that was in front of me pulled over, waited for me to pass and then followed me home but didnt stop, or say anything.
    the whole thing was kind of weird, im as clean as they come.
    i have had 1 ticket in my life, never had the cops called on me or been in any trouble.

    are there any tips you can give me to draw less attention to my vehicle? im a disabled 400lb man, im about as dangerous as a caterpillar, and i cant afford some revenue ticket simply because of the car i drive. i bought it because it was cheap.

    ETA: pic

    what should i change?
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    If you really are worried about it, just remove the light. Now I'm not a leo so I can't give you legal advice, so i'd wait for one to reply.


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      In general, thugs like to buy ex-police cars because to them is makes a statement and if we do stop them with drugs and take the car we'll just be getting our old POS back.

      Thats said, I would lose the spot light because it will just attract the wrong attention. Have the transmission check out and depending on the miles have it serviced.

      Talk with your local agency and ask if they can walk a dog around your car to clear it of having any drugs. You'd be amazed on what might have been missed or stashed in that car. Replace the wheels. I would also have a shop do the intake flush to clean out your entire intake system. I think BG is the company that has a good flush system and most reputable shops have it. I would also look into a fuel system flush.

      I suggest these because these cars spend a lot of time idling. That creates a lot of carbon build up in the throttle body, fuel line, and injectors. You can't judge a police car by it's miles. You have to use the hours. I beleive a mechanic told me if you take the hours on the odometer and divide by 40 you get a better idea of the relative miles that would be on a normal car having the same wear. I might not be correct on that formula but you get the point.
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        good advice, thanks :-)


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          The spot light is legal. The car cannot have the same marking as your local area leo cars, so if it applys, the two tone etc must be fixed. The car can legally still have the badge on the back that says, Police Interceptor. Other then that the cars are great and run forever, do as stated above for care. Just dont hang any handcuffs off the spot light, or flexcuffs. ..
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            EX unit

            Suggestion: paint the car a different color if your locals drive units with the same paint scheme.

            I generally look closely at folks driving ex police units, because we have had individuals use them to play PO-PO. The may just like the idea of others thinking they are really law enforcement - and how folks slow down and get nervous when following, etc.

            We also have issues with VFD folks using them and driving too aggressively because the thought they could get away with it. This results in complaints to admin against the local LE agency.

            As stated already - get it sniffed, and painted, and you will have what is probably one of the most durable vehicles made lately.

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