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    1. Do lots of whatever you hate. Then do exercises that suck. Then return to the hate.

    2. Alternate those in some random pattern until it no longer sucks or you don't hate it, then return to step one...

    Also, keep your hands up around your face and don't make any noises of weakness.
    Leaving my job as a Navy Pilot to become a cop..."This humble pie tastes great Sir, can I have some more?"


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      Originally posted by Fad3d View Post
      Thanks for the info, thats good news! Are there any exercises or programs you can recommend to future recruits in preparation?
      First, congrats to class 629!!!! You made it!!!

      Work your tail off in preparation. Start at least 6 months before coming to the academy. Don't come to the academy hoping to get in shape. If you show up and you're not in shape both you and your class will pay for it.

      Here's what I did in preparation (I felt I was adequately prepared):
      1- 50 miles/month running; most runs were 4 miles long, my slowest time was just over 32 minutes, with my fastest being 25:45; typically I ran 3 days per week. I am not a runner, I'm built more like a small full-back.
      2- 150 miles biking/month
      3- 2 upper body lifts per week
      4- one day of 400 pushups and 400 situps
      Yes, that means I was - and still am - working out 7 days per week. I varied it enough so as to not cause any musculo-skeletal problems. I am not in the best shape in my class, though I'm in better shape than most.

      I did this in the 6 months leading up to the academy. I was already in good shape when I began this regimen from biking (3850 miles the 12 months prior) and lifting (110 days lifting in the 12 months prior).

      Good luck!


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        Ha, no i get it, ive just never been a fan! Id do the same if i was in charge


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