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New Washington PAT as of 1/1/2021


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  • New Washington PAT as of 1/1/2021

    New Washington PAT as of 1/1/2021


    There is no longer a "max" score, just minimums for passing.

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    I just got this email. No more 1.5 mile run or 300m sprint. Interesting why they got rid of these. I also noticed its less pushups and less sit ups with a longer time allowed...

    Updated: Found this via WSCJTC Website as to why they updated this PAT and lowered standards:

    We have redeveloped the Physical Ability Test (PAT) and process to more accurately reflect the physical requirements needed to reduce the possibility of injury during the Basic Law Enforcement Academy.

    THE CURRENT physical ability test was designed during the time running was a part of the BLEA curriculum. It was standard practice to have a TAC take the class on extended runs through and around Burien. The 1.5-mile run tests overall cardio-respiratory endurance; however, it is not an accurate measure of an applicant's physical ability to make it through the 19-week Control Defensive Tactics program.

    Over the last decade, most noted injuries relate to students being taken to the ground and getting back up repeatedly throughout a 2-hour C/DT session.

    The purpose of the updated PAT is to:
    • Reduce the possibility of injuries and protect the human resource of our stakeholders
    • It can be an evaluation tool for the candidate and their agency to gauge their ability to participate in the physical requirements expected during the BLEA Control and Defensive Tactics training.
    So that would be why. I did hear that once you pass the PAT to get into the police academy here you never have to run again. It is not a military style boot camp where you will have PT days and go for a run every single morning. The only department I have personally seen in Washington State that does any type of PAT after and/or during your time as a police officer is Renton. From what their website says you will earn extra pay if you willingly take a PAT and pass every year. Other departments like SPD said they do not care, once you pass the PAT to get into the academy you never have to do one again.

    Any thoughts on this?
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      I assumed it was so that they could test accurately in a small area, but it appears that I was wrong.

      I took the WAPAT not long ago via PST's contract with Anytime Fitness -- they do both the 300m and 1.5 mile run on a treadmill instead of outdoors. It was an awkward way to test sprint speed, to say the least.


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