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  • WSP Hiring Qs

    I just put in my application to WSP. And I was wondering if I could get some insight into the whole hiring process. More specificaly what kind of interview and questions they will give me. Also how long the process takes. If I should put in my 2 weeks at my current job. Or just wait.

    And if there is anything else that someone found that would help a new guy please let me know.



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    I havent made it through the entire process yet, but I know it takes time. Its harder than your making it out to be. First you will have 2 written tests, that will take up most of your day. If you are to pass this phase; which 50-60% of the applicants do, then you move onto phase II. This consists on an oral interview where 3 state troopers ask you all types of questions. If you pass this phase, then you move onto the polygraph. If you pass that, they you will be given a PT (physical test), psy test, and a medical exam. I know I applied in Feb of 2007 and Im now going for my psy test next week. Good luck, but its a long road ahead. Good luck!


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      It is generally not recommended to quit your current job until you have at least been offered a conditional offer of employment.

      For the sake of clarification are you asking about the Washington State Patrol or the Washington State Penitentiary? I realize that WSP typically means the state patrol but the Washington DOC is also on a huge hiring kick.
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        Read through all the pages of the other thread "WSP Applicants" and you'll have a good idea. Also check out the WSP website, all the info on there is accurate.

        As far as oral board questions, hey, no one can tell you the answers. You'll be nervous, but answer honestly and you will do fine. Listen to what the Human Resources folks are telling you, take in all the information you can.

        Don't raise your stress level unnecessarily, if you are hired there will be plenty of time for that!

        Seriously, it's worth every minute of time and effort I ever put in. Any other questions, just ask.


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          Good luck, I don't know why but for some reason I couldn't pass their First phase test. I thought I did well? I haven't failed any other tests /shrug.

          Oh, don't put your two weeks in.


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            Yeah Im not gonna put my 2 weeks in yet.

            I am also kind of nervous that I might be under-qualified. Meaning I dont have a college degree yet. I have completed 2 years of college and have done well but I don't enjoy it anymore. I would like to move into a career now.

            Any thoughts? WSP seems like they are pretty lenient on education. But I would think they would look heavily into other areas of your life.

            Or am I wrong?


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              Don't worry about college - many, many of the Troopers in the Tacoma area don't have BA degrees, but most have some type of college. And it'll pay off for you, if you finish college if you're employed by WSP, as they have a tuition reimbursement process (for right now - WSP is the only state agency left with one)

              So no, educationally, two years is great for WSP.


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                thanks for the help. I am putting in my application tomorrow. Win or lose I hope I make it all the way through the hiring process.



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                  I am currently in Phase 4 of the WSP hiring process with my Psych written test scheduled for friday. The only education that I have under my belt is the current year of college that I am just about to finish. My thoughts are that education is definately a benefit, but there are some fine individuals out there that will make great law enforcement officers without it. Yes, there is a pay increase for college degrees, but if you want to get into the WSP, I would go for it!

                  Best of Luck!



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