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Which police departments give their corrections officers a special commission


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  • Which police departments give their corrections officers a special commission

    Just curious as to which departments make their corrections officers special commissioned peace officers.

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    They're limited commission while on-duty. There's no need for them to have authority off-duty. If you're looking to become a police officer, apply for that. If you want to be a corrections officer, go that route. There are significant differences in the two positions. If you have an interest in both, apply with a sheriff's office that is friendly towards allowing their corrections guys to transition to patrol. Some are, others aren't. This is coming from a guy that has been employed in both fields.


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      Peacefulness The only place I have seen this, personally, is the Washington County Sheriff Office down in Hillsboro, OR. I was down there for testing and their 150+ Corrections Officers carry firearms (never inside the jail). When doing my Jail Job Shadow they mentioned they are fully commissioned Sheriff's Deputy which require them to carry their firearms to and from work, they also mentioned they are first responders to anything near the jail (if there was an emergency), and they also transport inmates, and protect the courthouse, and can make arrests.

      I had never seen that before but pretty interesting. They are allowed all the same gear as Patrol Deputies - load bearing vests, knives on their vests, tasers, service weapon, pepper spray, handcuffs, radios, ear pieces, etc. When first arriving the only way you will know the difference between the two is to literally go ask one to their face cause you can not tell by uniform/gear. I feel most the time you can tell who is corrections, and who is patrol because correction officers do not carry firearms (in my experience).

      Hope that answers your questions, since going there I have looked to see if other Sheriff's Office in the Washington area allow that, and so far I have not seen anything (correct me anyone if I am wrong). I have only seen Corrections Officers, and Courthouse Security (who have firearms). Feel free to check out Washington County's website to see photos of what their Jail Deputies.

      Outside of that though, they did also mention they hire for either Patrol of Jail, once you do your command interview they will make you an offer to where they feel you will fit best. They ask if you do get assigned to the jail you work there for 3 years before switching to patrol (they also mentioned recently they let you transfer at 2 years) and they said its an easy as going to a supervisor in the jail and requesting a voluntary demotion to patrol. The reason for that is the corrections academy in Oregon is 6 weeks (if I am remembering correctly) and if you switch to patrol you have to go back to the academy and start from day 1 and do the 16 week academy, which will lower your pay because Jail and Patrol Deputies make the same pay at this agency and you will be dropping down to starting salary for patrol.

      Sorry for the long reply, and I doubt that answered anything in Washington but that department is the only place I have seen fully commissioned Corrections/Jail Officers and that department is 3 hours south next to Portland.
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        The closest thing you will find in WA is CO's at certain municipal jails. They have partial commission granted by the Chief of their department, so each one can be and probably is a little different in what they can do. Most CO's in municipal jails have the same gear as their patrol counter part like BelieveTheHype stated and keep their guns locked up when inside the jail. When outside the jail doing transports/court/whatever they are armed and carry whatever partial commission granted by their Chief. I am not aware of any jail be it municipal or county in WA where the CO's carry a full commission.


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