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  • Polygraph Results

    I took a polygraph a little over a month ago with a local agency and I was told I'd find out the results later that afternoon. I still haven't heard anything and I'm just wondering if this is common with other applicants? I know "no news is good news" so I'm just waiting and not stressing.

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    Without knowing the agency it's hard to say. Every department is so different. I've taken 7 polygraphs and never left without knowing the results. Conversely, I've met people who in sharing their hiring stories have said they took an exam and it wasn't until 6-weeks later they received the "thanks but no thanks" letter.

    If it has been over a month after being told "later this afternoon," you'd be pretty fair in dropping a note and checking in. Good luck.


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      I've taken 8 polygraphs and only one didn't tell me the results before I left. She said that she needed more time to look at the charts and that she'd tell the background investigator later that day. It may be the same situation with you (possibly with the same polygrapher.) If it has been over a month then I would assume that you passed and they are delaying hiring for some reason. You should call the agency and ask them what's going on with their hiring process now.


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        That would worry me. I would be following up just to find out if I should start studying for the initial test again to improve my score.
        The polygrapher gave me my results and then I immediately went into a command board and was given a COE following the command panel.
        I know every agency operates a little differently but why keep you in suspense about a polygraph.


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          I am an out of state LEO. I was scheduled for and took a poly, of which I didn't pass; SCSO. Although I am not one to make excuses, and very disappointed, I don't understand how this could have happened. Prior to taking the poly, my spouse and I flew in from out of state. The night before the poly we consumed food that made us both sick; food poisoning. So when I went in the morning of the poly, I had no more than 1-2 hours sleep.

          Although I had no concerns of the test itself; the polygraph, I was concerned about how it would effect, if at all, the test results. I explained it to the polygrapher who indicated it wouldn't be a problem. After going through the general Q's, and not the Lateral Q's, she indicated I was having a problem with a specific area I would have never thought would be an issue. After asking me if she could dive n deeper and ask more pointed Q's, and with me agreeing, she did, which didn't change the end result; DQ.

          Can anyone give me any incite that has had similar experience, or advice? It would be greatly appreciated for I have additional departments I am in the process with. I am not looking for, "Well don't lie". This will not do me any good, for that isn't the problem.


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            If you told the truth, I wouldn't even think twice about it. I know people who have taken multiple tests with the same examiner, with only very short times in between tests, and split on results.

            As many on the forum will tell you, whether they work at all is up for debate. But the bottom line is that the machine can't tell if you're deceptive anymore than your cell phone can. It all comes down to the examiner.

            Don't sweat it and good luck on subsequent testing.


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              I was recently contacted and I passed the poly. Now it's all up to the Chief to see who he wants to move forward with. I'm crossing my fingers....

              My advice is just to be honest. I went in and knew I had nothing to hide. My background is definitely far from perfect; however, I'd rather be honest than be caught lying which would ban me from all future testing. Thanks for the feedback!


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                Polygraph results

                I took the poly for WSP in December (2014), and knew the results right after. Hope that helps. Good luck with your prospective agency.


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