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    So, I have a PAT test for reserve academy coming up soon and was wondering whats my chance of passing?

    300 M Sprint - 48 Sec = Pass Out of 56-71 secs (Min-Max)
    1 Minute Push Ups - 63 = Pass 21-35 reps
    1 Minute Sit- up - 23 = Fail 30-38 reps
    1.5 Mile Run - 11:53 = Pass 13:35-14:31

    out of 200 points even if I get the minimum 30 reps for situps I would only have a 180/200, but if I fail the situp portion I fail the test but would be allowed to retest the situp poriton. If I fail after doing the run, is there leeway for surpassing the other sections or does each department enforce the rules?

    I realized ive been doing situps with wrong form and ive been correcting it, but now I feel its a little too late for me to improve before my test.

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    If you fail any part of the PAT, you will have to retake the entire PAT when it is next offered and will not be allowed to continue with the testing process until you pass. If you do the minimum in one part, you better do exceptionally well in the other parts to make up for it.

    It looks like you do really well in all the other parts. You still have some time to improve. Make sure you rest a day or so before the PAT. Good luck!
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      Gotta work on those situps. Your run times and push-ups are in above average range which makes the situp part even more surprising to me. As long as you get your situps to the minimum number, you'll max everything else and be just fine. With that said though, you already know it, you want to aim to max everything.


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        Ya, I dont do straight up situps, but rather weighted ab workouts or leg lifts, bicycle kicks, planches, etc which I do with ease., I avoid situps because its not efficient as other methods. But now when it comes to doing them, I cant, which is surprising to me as well. Anytime I had to do situps, I did them with many rest, even back touching and resting, Ive always held my breathe while doing them, which created a bad habit when it came time to do situps. Ive been trying to get form and breathing down, which helped, but its basically relearning how to do them all over again the correct way.


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          A few quick tips that worked for me:

          Let your whole body go and fall backwards onto the ground after each sit up. It will save some of the strength you have been using up going back down slowly.

          Play around with your foot position and the angle of your legs. There are some specific requirements you need to follow, but there is still some flexibility in how you set your legs up. I have noticed a big difference when my knees are less than 90 degrees and my feet are pushed back close to my butt. The closer to 90 I can get my legs, the easier it is for me to do a sit up. Try a few different leg positions and see what works best for you.

          Finally, on the day of the test you should have some adrenalin. I always scored at least 20% higher during the PAT over my practices. You are close, keep practicing. The PAT is not just a test of your physical condition. It tests your commitment and ability to prepare on your own.

          Good Luck


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