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Washington Basic Law Enforcement Academy


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  • Washington Basic Law Enforcement Academy

    I know there are a few people who have been to the Washington BLEA.

    Can you provide any insight into what should be expected?
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    For physical training:

    As long as you can easily pass the PAT then you don't need to train for it like an event, just work out like you normally would. The exercise at the academy is pretty light because they expect you to work out in your own time, just like you would after getting out of the academy.

    Any martial arts experience could be helpful. If you go in with some martial arts training then not only will it be easier for you, but you will probably learn more.


    The amount that you will need to study depends on how good your memory is. I'm not particularly gifted at memorization, so I needed to study a lot on the weekends. Some people didn't study at all and they still passed (some barely.) Had I known what to study before going into the academy, then the academy would have gone much more smoothly.

    If you want a head start on studying then use the Google to find the following things:

    RCW definition of necessary. Memorize it word for word.

    RCW definitions for bodily injury, substantial bodily harm, great bodily harm, deadly weapon, and family or household members. You don't need to know them word for word, but you need to know them.

    RCW 10.31.100. Learn all exceptions for when you can arrest on a misdemeanor without witnessing it.

    Know all RCWs relating to fraud, assault, theft, weapons violations, kidnapping, domestic violence, arson, malicious mischief, and sex crimes. You don't need to memorize them, but if you are given a scenario then you should know what the crime is and what the degree of the crime is. This may be difficult without training on how to read the RCWs, but if you know these before going in the academy then it will save you a ton of time.

    Know and understand the case law for Tennessee v Garner, Graham v Connor, Payton v New York, State v Ferrier, State v Snapp, and Chew v Gates.

    If you read the Law Enforcement Digest which is posted on the CJTC website, then you will have a better understanding of case law before you go in, although reading them may not be the most efficient use of your study time.


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      Thank WombatVengeance. That is exactly what I was looking for.
      I will need to brush up on them and also review the RCW's 9(a) regarding the individual crimes. The memorization is definitely not one of my strong suites.
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        Some other things to remember:

        You are representing your department, don't do anything that would draw negative attention to you or your department.

        Don't be "the one" in your class. There are ALWAYS one or two people who stick out.

        Do more listening than talking.

        Work hard, but have fun.


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          So just a clue for anyone preparing to attend the WA Academy. You had better start preparing for the Physical Abilities Test.
          Apparently there has been quite a few people failing the physical abilities test in the recent classes, before they are even in the academy. Most recently, a group of 35 people took the test for 30 spots, only 25 people passed, they conducted a second PAT for the class for 8 people and only three people passed, 2 more took the test and neither passed.
          This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard, you have already had to take the Physical ability test once in order to get hired. Now fail it once hired? Save your self some embarrassment and make a steady regiment of running, pushups and sit ups.


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            Also something to remember when you get to BLEA... integrity is key. There have been several recruits in recent classes that have been removed from the academy for integrity issues. If you make a mistake, own it. You may get a verbal or written reprimand but thats better than lying and getting fired. Once you are terminated from BLEA, there is a 2 year minimum wait before CJTC will even consider accepting you and thats only if an agency will hire you again.


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              What portion of the PAT were recruits falling short?


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                It's been a looong time since I graduated from BLET but I remember it as a very intense educational experience - more demanding than college in some respects. Stay current on your class work; if you get behind, you'll stay behind.


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                  people are failing ptetty much everything. I've seen situps and the 1.5 as the main portions although there have been failures on the sprint portion as well.


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                    Originally posted by CarRamRod View Post
                    people are failing ptetty much everything. I've seen situps and the 1.5 as the main portions although there have been failures on the sprint portion as well.
                    This is amazing. Years and years ago I took the PST on a busy summer day and I think there were 90-ish people doing the PAT. No one failed the push-ups or sprint, and I think maybe 4 or 5 total failed between the sit-ups and the 1.5-mile run. Incredible to hear how the numbers are so bad these days... and by people who are already hired! Crazy.


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                      Off topic I know but I excelled in all aspects of the test except the sit ups. It sounds easier than it is, but if you prep for it...none of it is really too difficult.


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                        The test isnt overly difficult at all. I think the common mistake for people that fail is they under estimate it. They think they can get off the couch and test without preparing. You don't have to train hard but you do need to train a little bit to pass.


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                          Old thread brought back, anyone attend the academy lately that can comment on things new rookies can work on?

                          I heard the academy is shifting gears from a strict military like academy to a more college like atmosphere. I heard some classes started their day everyday with a five mile run? Any of that stuff true?


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                            No more 5 mile runs. Academy pretty soft...which leads to massive wash out rate with a lot of agencies in FTO now


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                              Originally posted by LEOhopeful357 View Post
                              I heard some classes started their day everyday with a five mile run? Any of that stuff true?
                              Oh yeah. My class had a high-two-digit number, we ran every day. Back then, the academy was run out of portables at the Seattle Police Athletic Association shooting range in Tukwila. One day, our PT instructor called in sick and Sgt. O'Mahoney subbed. I knew we were screwed when I saw his "Five Minute Mile" tee shirt. He took us off campus, setting a hot pace. Every couple blocks he did a turn or a double-back until we were thoroughly lost and knew if we slacked off we'd never find our way to campus. I never ate breakfast, having quickly learned it wouldn't stay with me.


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