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Reserve MP's in western Washington


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  • Reserve MP's in western Washington

    I am thinking bout possible switching from active duty to reserve here in Washington. i would like to talk to a current reserve MP that is stationed in the western side.

    Questions would like to know.

    What does a reserve MP do on drill weekends? Are the reserve units actually patrol units or are they attached to BCT's?

    PM me i would like to got more info before i go to counselor on Monday.

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    Can anyone help me?


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      I just know military police stuff in the Air Force (national guard) in the east side of the state.

      Let me know if you have any questions on that.
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        So i talked to career counselor, no slots open but he can still re-class me and send me to the unit and have the unit send me to the school. What are the odds of actually going to school fairly quickly after i get to the unit?


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          Are you talking Air Guard?


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            No, Army Guard.


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              Oh, just have experience with the Air Guard. From my experience though, transfers and cross-trains had to wait about a year on average for their schools, with the waiting time starting to rise from that. Because everyone wants to get in right now, slots are tough to find. Add in the fact because you're prior service, you actually don't fill any quotas from recruiters, so that's a little unfortunate.

              As far as our military police duties (again, in the Air Force), our duties were focus more on training, mobility readiness, and certifications. Being Guard is great because you respond to state emergencies and were part of the state's resources, not just federal. I always liked the concept of giving back and serving your state as well as the country.

              Other than that, hope you find your answers


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