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  • Concealed Pistol License

    Hey good folks from WA, I'll be heading out that way for a vacation in the near future. I live in NC, and have looked into the CPL reciprocity and see you guys accept NC CCW holders. I just wanted to verify from this page: that based upon the wording

    1) I can conceal in an establishment that serves alcohol so long as it does not have an age restriction?
    2) I can conceal in an establishment that charges admission (ie movie theater) again no age restriction?
    3) Am I allowed to conceal in an establishment that would normally allow me to, even if it has a "no weapons" sign, or does it need to specify "no concealed weapons"?
    4) And is there any specific ordinances that Seattle/Tacoma area add on to this state law I need to know about?

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    1) You can carry in a place serving alcohol. You cannot carry in a bar or other location designated as no minors though (think bar, casino, etc). These signs will be posted and look like:

    -as usual, monitor and severely limit your alcohol consumption while carrying. There is no law against it while carrying, but I personally don't.
    2) Yes, you can carry in places that charge admission
    3) You'd be hard pressed to find one of these signs. Washington is an open carry state, but there's not a huge buzz on gun control, which is ironic considering how we're typically a very liberal area. I have never seen one personally
    4) One law unique to WA (sure there are also others)- you can open carry, but if open carrying in a vehicle, it's considered concealed. Make sure you have your license on you. Also, you are allowed to leave your firearm in your car, but it has to be in a locked container. Some interpret this to mean a locked glove box in a locked car, others interpret it as locked doors/trunk being sufficient.

    **EDIT- Also, you can't carry in stadiums, sporting events, schools (including most colleges restrict carrying), restricted areas of police stations and / or corrections locations, and like normal, no federal buildings (most common being Post Office).

    Also, be aware you're not legally obligated to notify LEO you are carrying upon contact unless they ask, but it's a VERY good decision to do so for the officer and your safety.

    More info on WA carry:

    and a REALLY good pamphlet on our laws:

    Have a nice vacation!
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      Oh yeah- you can't carry at concerts either


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        3) I've seen a few businesses with these signs. They mean nothing legally. Just use common sense and leave if they ask.

        Stay safe.


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          I have seen the signs in a few restaurants (The Ram) on their outside doors. As Apex says, leave if they ask, otherwise its trespassing. Most places are friendly to all.

          Places like Applebees have two sections, a 21+ and family. You can't go in the 21+ section. Its not clearly marked inside, if at all.

          The law about concerts is musical festivals.
          You are legally allowed to carry in non-school sports stadiums, but you can be told to leave if found out, just any other place. These structures are usually government owned, but run by private companies.
          There are several exclusions to the concealment/car laws quoted above, such as while going to/from hiking/hunting/fishing.
          Since police are human, you'll run into some that don't know all the laws, which does happen.

          WA is one of the best places, its great and usually very safe. Visit the national parks, Olympic and Mount Rainier, amazing sights.


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            Hey guys, thanks for the heads up. I always notify other officers if approached... I very rarely carry open, only if I'm heading off to the range, and I never drink and carry. Now I just have to figure out how to safely get my firearm cleared and through the TSA guys without them opening every single piece of luggage and stripping me down...

            Oh, and I love WA, by the way. I've got family there, and when I was adopted we lived near Mt. Rainier for the first few years before moving to NC.

            Thanks again for the info, and take care!


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              This might help,


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                Thanks again CountyGuy. I'll examine this and some other resources thoroughly so that I'll be well prepared ahead of time for dealing with the process.


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