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Out of State New Jersey Police Officer.


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  • Out of State New Jersey Police Officer.

    I am currently a Police Officer in New Jersey. I already know that Florida and alot of the East Coast Police Departments take New Jersey Police Training because it is so high of training. My wife is from Everett Washington, and I was stationed at Naval Station Everett, I am looking at relocating back out there. Is there any Police Department that is hiring out there thats worth me going back?? and what is the retirment system like out there?. New Jersey Police and Fire retirement system I will get 65% of my pension at 25 years and 70% at 30. Please let me know. Thanks alot.

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    Washington State accepts just about every state academy certification, New Jersey included, and some of the federal academies. As an out-of-state lateral you would have to attend the CJTC Equivalency Academy, a 9-week on-line course that you complete in conjunction with your FTO/PTO training period (three days are spent on the CJTC campus).

    There are a few departments hiring in the area; research the CJTC web site employment page and the department announcements on PublicSafetyTesting.com for departments that are currently hiring. Here at Tacoma, we are hiring, just not out-of-state laterals per se, you would have to apply as a Recruit Officer and go through the process from that angle (you would still go through the Equivalency Academy). We have limited our lateral hiring to in-state certified laterals due to the many lay-offs in the region during the past year or so.

    As for being worth it coming back to Puget Sound? My answer would always be YES as I am a little biased in favor of the area. Not sure what pay or benefits are like over there in NJ, but I would imagine we are at little better (most likely much better) over here. PM me or e-mail at [email protected] and I will send you our wage and benefit information.

    Our retirement system is LEOFF Plan 2 (Law Enforcement Officer & Fire Fighter). It is definitely not the best in the country. Once vested you get 2% per year of service of your final average salary (highest five years). Many departments also offer "deferred compensation" plans to help. Retirement age can be as early as 50 (with an actuarial reduction), 53 (without).


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      Go...Go as fast as you can, Christie is gonna kill us. Tacoma would be my first choice...can you say 1911!
      Hey Kidd, I've got more time On Meal than you have "On the Job"


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        I would recommend moving to Washington. There are a lot of good departments to work for. I know Kent PD is taking applications for entry and lateral. The hiring process for me as a lateral was very smooth. They have an expedited hiring process for out of state candidates, only 2 trips for me. They annexed Panther Lake last year, so they need to hire more officers. And unfortunately, they lost a great officer and person a few weeks ago in a car accident (R.I.P. Officer McCuistion).

        I would still be out there if the economy was better. If my wife and I sold our house here, I would go back in a heartbeat!

        Plus Washington is a beautiful state! And gets less snow and doesn't get to 40 below zero like here in the frozen tundra (MN).


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