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WSP... Oct 20 Arming


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  • WSP... Oct 20 Arming

    I know there's at least 4 of you on here who are going, maybe more. Several of you have asked for advice as to what to bring. I know by now you've gotten the list from the Academy.

    The t-shirts I like are the premium ones you can find at JC Penneys around here, Stafford is the brand I think, and look for the ones with the long tails so they stay tucked in when you are jumping around. You want it to be a little tighter than normal, because it will be under your ballistic vest and you don't want any wrinkles under there.

    Have shoe polish and edge dressing ready, I like Kiwi Parade Gloss black for shoes and boots, and Kiwi Honor Guard edge dressing. If you are not prior military make sure you know how to shine those shoes and boots well, those in your class that are will have lots of tips.

    Brass polish for all your gunbelt brass: I prefer something that has a paste-like quality instead of Brasso which is too liquid for me, makes a mess. Whatever you prefer, have some (more than a little) on hand along with cotton balls or whatever you plan to use to polish.

    Something most people in the "regular" world have never used, shirt stays, would be a good idea also. All you military types know what I'm talking about.

    If possible get in touch with some of the folks in your Arming class, those in this forum have that ability, and trade info and advice if you have any. Your classmates will be (and should be) your best resource. Even though I don't mind letting you know a few things that might help, you need to pull together as a group and help each other. If you already know some folks on day one you'll just be that much better off.

    Best of luck to you, keep your head up and enjoy (ha ha, right...) the time together there. Learn as much as you can and I hope to see you in the field.

    And don't quit!

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    Thanks for all the advice! Really appreciate it!

    I hear what your saying about the boot polish...since the Army has moved over to the ACU's I haven't polished boots in a while now, but I am pretty sure I still know what I'm doing haha. Shirt stays are also really nice like you said.

    Do you know how strict they are going to be as to bringing extra things like boot polish and brasso? My only experience with this type of thing is Basic Training and they pretty much had us dump out everything we brought with us, lock it away, and re-purchase everything through them. I have a feeling as long as it is pertinent, they will be a little bit more lenient.

    Thanks again for all the help. It's much appreciated!


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      They don't sell that stuff at the academy, so you are required to bring your own. They don't prefer any brand, as long as the brass is shining fresh every day (yes, they can tell when you haven't done it recently) and your shoes are shiny.

      You will be issued all your uniforms; the "shiny shoes" or Corframs whatever you want to call them, just need a wipe down. Pledge works well, or some people use window cleaner. For your boots, and your business attire shoes, they just need a good polish. Some do a better job than others, but a really good polish job will get you some positive attention.

      I don't know when you will get your equipment (19th?) but you will be told when you need to have it ready. You get the uniforms unhemmed, that has to be done, and all the brass you get will need A LOT of polishing beore it's ready to go.

      Good times... I remember the first night of Arming, we were released after dinner and all of us were out in the parking lot, standing around somebody's pickup truck, polishing brass for like 2.5 hours. Woohoo!


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        Released after dinner? Sorry if I am sounding a bit retarded lol, but again, not real sure what to expect. Are you required to go directly back to your room after dinner and stay there? Do you have some time to socialize as you polish brass/shoes etc etc....again sorry if it sounds like a dumb question, but I only have Basic training to go off of lol.


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          edge dressing

          I have heard that edge dressing is quite difficult to find so I would start looking as soon as possible. Most shoe repair shops carry it while a lot of shoe stores do not. I have also been told that Wal-Mart carrys a good brand of brass polish (called Mass, I think) that isn't too gooey. Also anyone know of a good place to pick up some shirt stays? Also anyone know of a good place to pick up shirt stays?
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            For the shirt-stays I would try a military surplus store like the foxhole or something. If you are anywhere near Ft. Lewis there are a ton.


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              The edge dressing you want to get is the one in the glass bottle. It is the honor guard stuff. The edge dressing in the plastic bottle is junk in my opinion. MAAS is great stuff for shining brass and metal, it also leaves a protective barrier that helps keep it shining longer.


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                Originally posted by Mokman88 View Post
                For the shirt-stays I would try a military surplus store like the foxhole or something. If you are anywhere near Ft. Lewis there are a ton.
                I live in Puyallup actually so I will definately be hitting up the military surplus stores around Ft. Lewis.


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                  I'm in tacoma so me too I guess (surplus stores). For wrestling shoes Big 5 has nike ones for about 35 bucks on sale. Like Mokman said its been a while since shining and all that so I'm actually really glad you bought up Maas and kiwi cause I was about to forget. Also I was looking at cups and they have a boxer type with a pouch in the front I thought would be good until I checked them out and realized that the cup moves alot. Anyone have any experience with the boxer style vs the strap? Its been like high school since I last wore one. Also whats the guidelines for irons? I was expecting the basic training style dump everything you showed up with as well so I was unsure we could bring all of this extra stuff. So far Walmart seems to have the market cornered on resonably priced socks and underwear(I'll look into the stafford ones though).
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                    I used to get the edge dressing online, don't know if it's easy to find right now or not. If any of you live near Ft Lewis or can find the good edge dressing and shirt stays, you might get some extra. Seems like there is always somebody who doesn't have any. Shirt stays I always ended up needing when one broke in the middle of the week, and there was a guy in my class who had extras. I think he bought several any time he saw them in the PX.

                    When you ask about guidelines for irons, do you mean bringing your own? I did have a small one I brought, but there are at least two or three for each dorm, along with ironing boards. Unless they are asking you to bring your own, you could use the ones there.

                    I was down at the Academy a couple of weeks ago, and one of the TAC officers there was mentioning how he hadn't had a cadet class to chew on in a while... seems like he was itching to get started! You'll be enjoying yourselves in Shelton before you know it.

                    In case they hadn't mentioned it (not that it makes a difference now, anyway) the WSP is changing the issued handgun from the HK USP .40 to the S&W M&P .40. Seems like this Arming class will be the first "new" people to be trained on the new gun, although they have started issuing to the field. I won't get mine for a while though.


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                      Arming List

                      I ordered all my Kiwi products and Edge Drssing from http://www.shoetreemarketplace.com/. Although it is getting down to the wire, you might get them to overnight an order if needed. I picked up shirt stays at Blumenthal's for $10 - $11. Thanks Birdman for the heads-up on the irons.


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                        Were you able to find KIWI Honor Guard edge dressing on that site or the KIWI Heel & Sole Edge Color Renew? Does one work better then the other? Thanks for the advice Birdman0!


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                          Well crap I liked the USPs. Oh well thats the least of our worries. I'm assuming that we are expected to shine the whole boot and not just heel and toe right? Thanks for the heads up about the irons.


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                            Originally posted by 556 View Post
                            Were you able to find KIWI Honor Guard edge dressing on that site or the KIWI Heel & Sole Edge Color Renew? Does one work better then the other? Thanks for the advice Birdman0!
                            Keep in mind that this is all new to me and I am learning as I go along. It seems to me that the site I referred to, claimed that Kiwi Edge Dressing was discontinued by Kiwi and that they recommended Roll Call Edge Dressing, so that is what I ordered. I cannot tell you if one product is better than another. Below are the items I ordered from them, again, keeping in mind I really did not know what to order.

                            437001 KIWI SELECT Premium Paste - Black
                            2 $3.99 $7.98
                            119011 KIWI Heel & Sole Edge Color Renew
                            1 $5.49 $5.49
                            143000 KIWI Leather Lotion
                            1 $6.99 $6.99
                            577003 Mini 100% Horsehair Shine brush
                            1 $4.99 $4.99
                            104011 KIWI Parade Gloss Black Large 2.5 Oz.
                            2 $5.99 $11.98
                            107001 Roll Call Military Grade Edge Dressing - Black
                            1 $6.99 $6.99
                            75007P Large Professional Dauber - Polish Applicator
                            1 $4.89 $4.89
                            577001 KIWI SELECT 100% Horsehair Shine brush
                            1 $5.99 $5.99

                            I am hoping this is overkill and if someone is short of something during the first week, I am more than happy to help out with anything I have. Another note of importance. I ordered this on 10/02 and it is set to deliver to my door 10/13 via UPS. Seems like a long delivery time, so this avenue may be one that is not so fruitfull. As Birdman alluded to, we need to work together so if someone is short on a supply and I have it with me, I'll get you taken care of until we can get some more product to us. We'll make it work!!!


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                              I just picked up parade gloss and edge dressing (color renew stuff) from the foxhole for around 8 bucks. Absolutely on the work together. For shirt stays I'm guessing those are the big rubbery band that goes around your waist and into your pants right?


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