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    I am testing for Lynnwood. Does anyone know how the shifts run, morale, etc.


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    I don't know about the shifts, but from what I've heard from several different people, they're swamped with paperwork continually. The Alderwood Mall and surrounding business districts make for a heck of a work load during the day. I can't even imagine what it's like during the Christmas season, considering the mostrous amounts of shoplifts, thefts, and car prowls that occur. The pay isn't bad at all however. Still though, from what I'm told, I'm glad I wasn't hired by them for that and other reasons.


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        Awesome. You are the second person (one was a Pm) that said they are possibly going to 3 on 3 off 12 hour shifts. That definately gets me excited. They were not my top choice because of their 6 on 3 off schedule.

        Thanks everyone for the replies.


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          I've just been invited to participate in the oral board for the Lynwood PD, looks like I made their top 30 list. Problem is that the exams will be given in just a few days and I'm out of state.

          I'm wondering if anybody else has additional info or insight on this department.

          I'm considering if it's worth jumping on a plane right away and go for it. The notice said that the next oral board or hiring schedule won't be given until 2009. I wonder how often they test and if I should go now or wait...


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            I would look into the rules of publicsafetytesting because you may not be able to test for another six months because you passed the test. I would take all the chances that you get because most all budgets are in the toilet. I believe that a lot of departments are establishing hiring list in 2008 and going to hire in the first months of 2009.


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              I also got invited to the oral board.

              I noticed they pay the same as Seattle PD.


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                That's a good point. I'm not sure if I'd have to re-test if I asked to be included in the next oral board. Either way though, I'd be taking a chance since most departments budgets are kinda shaky right now...
                Yeah, pay is up there, but I didn't find too much info on their benefits...special pay rates, etc. I'll call on monday and see to get more info.


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