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  • pierce county oral board

    So of all people my mom is about to go to her oral board with pierce county, so Im trying to find as much info for her as I can? Any info on pierce county's oral or hiring process would be great.


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    I assume the oral boards are pretty much all the same. They ask questions to see your judgment, your thought process, and your honesty. They will ask you a variety of questions. Mainly consisting of the processes you would do in a situation.
    They may ask you something like this:
    "You pull up to an abandoned car and you notice a man is directly hitting the women in the car with an object. After pulling up on scene and turning on your lights. As soon as you get out of your patrol car, the man gets out of his car and he is walking toward you with a small club what do you do?"

    After they ask you this, the oral board members are looking at the way you would react to the situation. When answering the question to the situation, they are checking to see if you are tense/nervous? Are you calm and confident? These are all things they will look at. They don’t expect you to know exactly what to do in a departmental procedure but they want to see your judgment, common sense, etc.

    Just tell your mom to be honest, courteous, friendly, and confident during the oral board and she will do fine. Most departments are looking for people that are honest, open, and friendly.

    Note that ive only taken 1 oral board so far with the Washington State Patrol. I cannot give you direct questions from the oral board but the situation I gave you above is similair to questions they will ask you.
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      Thanks for the info. I have done a few myself but not with pierce county yet.


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        ^ Not a problem Gl with everything


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