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Applicants questions about US Park Police Answered


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  • Applicants questions about US Park Police Answered

    I have been getting a lot of e-mails from perspective applicants about the USPP. And I am in no way trying to disuade you from asking questions about the job, working conditions schedule, etc.

    However I have gotten some questions that disturb or better yet concern me so i've put together a list of some of the most common questions and my answers:

    1. Do I have to get stuck or how often do I get stuck working details like the monuments?

    Answer: YES, we are the Park Police, that is what you are signing up to do.

    If you arent into guarding DC monuments this may not be the job for you.

    2. Please let me know when they are hiring again.

    Answer: God helps those who helps themselves. I came on the job before the internet and web searches and everything like it.

    with the internet being what it is today you bright young candidates should have no problems checking the www.nps.gov/USPP to keep updated. or better yet www.usajobs.opm.gov click on series insert #0083 for police.

    I got hired by calling the job line, and checking it, and checking local papers like the civil service chief in NY and by going by USPP stations and actually picking up the application. If you want to be a cop you should be able to find out when the job is hiring and get the application off without any assistance.

    I am too busy to e-mail everyone with a special invatation to join my great dept. Attention to detail, about when they are hiring will get you in.

    When I find out about a posting I will try to post it on the web site, if I am not on vacation, out sick, too busy, etc. Sometimes the posting is only open for a week to 10 days, so pay attention.

    3. How many officers are they hiring this year?

    supposed to be around 70 this year but this number changes based on FLETC class availability and funding.

    4. What is the interview like? Waht questions to they ask? (is this fair to ask? Will I ensure that my dept. gets the best candidates by telling everyone how to answer the questions?)

    Get a good book an police application processes and that should give you a clue.

    5. Is the PEB hard.??

    No, for a male 20-29 you must complete a 1.5 mile run in either 14:30 or 15:30 minutes.

    When I found out I passed the written, I started running and working out.

    I completed the PEB in 90+ degree temps with a run of 10:55, and got the run down to 10:15 @ FLETC.

    You must bench press a minimum 70% of your body weight.

    You must have less than 23 or 25% body fat measured with calipers.

    You must sit and reach at least 17 inches, and you must run a slalom course in under 22 sec (?)

    Do we have a choice of handgun? No, we carry the H&K P2000 in .40 cal.

    Why? I dont make the rules, i guess standardization, ease of spare parts, etc.

    Are off duty guns allowed? Yes, 9mm, .40, and in some cases .38 or .380 are allowed as long as they are decent guns, and smaller in size than your duty weapon. (and you can qual with them) currently they are allowing Kahr, Glock, Sig, Springfield Armory, H&K compact, and some revolvers, this is not an all inclusive list, as I am not in firearms and theses are just the guns i have seen during my trips to the range.

    What is starting salary?

    Around $50,000 per year give or take. check the web site.

    What is top salary? I dunno, I'm not there yet as it takes 30 years to reach top salary.

    I've been on 11 years and average $75-85K depedning on my shift and OT.

    Is there overtime?

    Yes, make arrests and you will get court ot. There are also special event OT like for July 4th, Memorial Day weekend, USMC Marathon, anti-war demos etc.

    I'm sure i will remember more questions and add to this list, sorry for the rant but, i've been getting alot of the same questions and thought this would clear the air.

    Good luck to all the candidates out there.

    Stay safe.

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    Actually FLETC PEB Standards are found here,


    and different then what he said, (unless USPP standards are easier then NPS Protection Rangers )

    and the body fat % is not taken into account to pass, THANK YOU to whoever sued the government over that one!
    Who you calling twig pigs? we prefer tree police thank you!


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      I must have an older PEB chart, sorry about that, plus i dont pay much attention to it since im and not one that "barely passes"


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        Hey is that suppose to be a diss or something?
        Who you calling twig pigs? we prefer tree police thank you!


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          Nope, no diss, just trying to answer some of the more frequent questions thats all.


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