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Information on the DEA Hiring process


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  • Information on the DEA Hiring process

    Hello, I am interested in applying with the DEA. I seen where they are going to hire only 200 personnel. This question is for anyone that have applied before or currently employed with the DEA. What I would like to know is what is the hiring process like? I have heard that they have a written and oral exam that one must take, is it hard? Plus, can anyone tell me about the physical examination? Some say it is a beast and some say it is easy. Thank you!

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    The hiring process for DEA, like for most federal agent positions, is long and exhausting (think 1 to 5 years, depending on timing) with about 2 years being average, and extremely competitive.

    The physical fitness test is defintely the hardest among federal agent positions, because DEA doesn't make any allowance for age (the FBI and DEA used to have the same test, but the FBI was sued and had to make their physical fitness test easier, because they could show how it applied to being an FBI agent. DEA was sued too, and prevailed on their test being relevent to the job).

    Thirty six year olds have to take and compete, on the same physical fitness test as a 21 year old. The only agency that seems to have a comparable fitness requirement (or maybe even tougher) is the Border Patrol.

    (test scores and events are on page 28)


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      Thanks for the information, but have you heard if the written and oral test are hard?


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        Neither test really seems that tough to me, but they sure do weed a lot of people out.


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          So what do you need to score in order to pass? I see the score chart but I can't find anything that says "you need an overall score of 20 to pass" or something like that.


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            I don't know what the score needed is on either test, (and I sit on the interview panels from time to time).


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              Are there study guides out that attempt to prepare someone for the test. I'm a pretty smart person and when I take written test that I have some what have a clue on I pass with flying colors. On the other hand, on test I don't have a clue on I do not preform well. Can you tell me what type of test the DEA gives. Is it like the ACT, SAT, or something else.



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                I don't think it is the kind of test that you can really study for (especially the psychological tests). Even the interview process, which was watered down to almost the point of uselessness by lawsuits, does not lend itself to much preparation (it is so structured that most of us feel they could have the secretaries do it as effectively as we are allowed to do it).

                But, as I said earlier, I am constantly amazed at how many people, who seem very sharp to me, who do end up failing the tests and the interviews. I can't explain it, and we are really prohibited by our orders from talking about it much more than what I have said, in order not to give anyone an unfair advantage.


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