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Medic roles in DC


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  • Medic roles in DC

    Good Morning All,

    I have a military medic and civilian paramedic background. My spouse has landed her dream job here in the DC area so I'm looking to stay here. Does anyone know of organizations in this area that have tactical medics? Here is what I know so far:

    - I have been told that USPP has SWAT Medics and obviously they have the flight medics on Eagle 1. (If someone could also elaborate as to any details with USPP SWAT that would be great. I have a buddy who is an MPD cop and he said he has no clue about their SWAT unit)

    - MD State Troopers have a tactical pipeline as well
    - Arlington County Fire trains some paramedics to be (unarmed) SWAT medics attached with Arlington County PD.

    - FBI has a Special Agent Medical program but I'm not sure how likely I am to stay in DC with them, as a location wishlist is exactly that, a wishlist.

    - I have read online that Prince George's Fire Department also has SWAT Medics

    - Fairfax County has a helicopter with medic officers on it

    - I trained a student in their EMT school internship who is a US Marshal and they said they have a medical program in the area. I also have crossed paths with them in the military. Not sure how involved they are in DC or how location preferences work with them.

    Any and all info is welcome, thank you and stay safe.

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    You DO realize that those aren’t just “walk in” slots and as a newbie, you won’t go there for years…right?


    • Aidokea
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      ...if ever...

    • DevilDoc1028
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      Of course, I just want to know what agencies take / need medics so that way I can take the skills I've already honed and be used to my full potential. If teams need medics, and I'm a medic, that would be great transition down the road once I've become a proficient officer.

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    USSS has several opportunities for those wanting to follow the Tactical Medic path, and you have a way bigger chance of staying within the DC area.


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