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  • FBI or HSI

    Good Afternoon,
    I currently have a final opportunity as a Special Agent with both agencies upon my return from deployment, and am torn between the two opportunities. I am hoping to get some feedback, or facts on which agency would be better for a career.

    Specific areas of concern for me are mobility (my family is settled in PA and Iā€™d like to avoid moving), Investigative opportunities (I previously worked Guns and Gangs and enjoyed that work), TDY opportunities, and ability to be a TEMS provider.

    Thank you for your feedback in advance!
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    HSI doesn't force move GS13s (or when they do, it's because the agent caused it). Now you may not like your initial duty station location and it may take awhile to get where you want to be, but once there you are left be.

    Both work guns and gangs and many other types of cases, with HSI having broader authorities regarding international investigations, i.e. human trafficking, money laundering, narcotics, illegal exports of defense technologies, commercial fraud, on and on. Hell, they are even taking the lead on global wildlife smuggling:

    Wildlife Trafficking: Why battling this illicit trade is crucial | ICEā€‹

    Both offer ample TDY opportunites. HSI has the edge if you want to see the world, given it's transnational investigative mission.

    Both have medics on their teams.

    The biggest differences between the two are institutional. One agency makes their employees wear a suit and tie almost every day, and at the other agents wear ripped jeans and Affliction t-shirts (unless they are testifying in court ). One agency, the managers are called 'boss' and at the other everyone is on a first name basis. One agency has a reputation for being difficult to work with (in certain circles) and the other, less so. Lots of small and subtle differences which may or may not be a factor in your decision making now but could influence long term job satisfaction.
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      Something to think about, HSI is getting crushed with Immigration border mission TDY's 30-45 days, plus they have the UN General Assembly every year, and they will get heavily tasked during the presidential election. There is some downside to being a 1811 under the umbrella agency (DHS) that has USSS in it. But, they are banking on OT during those times.

      The HSI SA's on my squad enjoys being in HSI Our squad is a FBI JTTF, from what I have seen of both agencies....I would pick HSI. Feel free to PM me if you want.


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        I've worked with both and never worked for either. No question HSI would be my choice.


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          HSI by far, especially if you get a decent location.


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            HSI is definitely better


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