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Looking for opinions on the following:


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  • Looking for opinions on the following:

    I am currently looking into making a move, I am considering several options with one of them being moving closer to my sister who lives in Fredericksburgh, VA.
    I have 3 years in FL, so I am looking into making a lateral move, I spoke to recruiters and so far I am considering the following agencies: DC Metro PD, Baltimore PD, and Prince William County PD (Im not sure if I am clean enought for this one! LOL).
    I am obviously concerned about the real estate prices and that will be a major consideration, but I also dont want to go to a department where everyone hates life. I am single and ideally want to live in an area where there are tons of things to do, lots of restaurants and outdoor activities, so I don't want to end up in a rural area.

    Maybe I am wrong, but I feel like I can't trust recruiters, so I am looking to find out what is really like from people who will give me an honest opinion. I know there is good and bad in very department, I am not a rookie so I see the bigger picture, but I would love to hear your 2 cents if you don't mind giving them to me.

    I look forward to your answers!

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    I'm bored on a Saturday so I'll try to summarize some stuff that I've heard, read, and have been told.

    There's quite a bit on here about MPDC. A good friend of mine works there and likes his job quite a bit. He has a few complaints, obviously the discipline heavy nature of the department, and the court time is both a blessing and a curse. Everyone seems to be really excited about the new Chief and to a lesser extent, the new Mayor... Another common complaint seems to be the length of the academy, apparently staffing issues force them to spend much longer in there than they had planned. I believe that most units work five days of 8 hours, with a Sun-Thurs and Tues-Sat schedule.

    Based in DC, there's also WMATA which is the only tri-jurisdictional force in the country. The downside is that while they do take laterals, you still have to attend the full 10 month academy as you need to be commissioned in MD, VA, and DC. They have great pay and offer a signing bonus. You may not want to spend your time policing a transit environment, however there is apparently ample opportunity for overtime. The foot patrol shifts are 4 days of 10 and a half and they seem to be regarded as a very well trained department.

    Be sure to look into Arlington County, Fairfax, and Montgomery County. I haven't heard many complaints about any of these departments. Arlington and I believe Fairfax train at the NVCJA in Ashburn. I think the Montgomery County academy is in Gaithersburg. I looked into PG County and was told that the PG Sheriff's Office would be a better choice, but PGPD is hiring by the handful, and seems to have weekly testing dates. I believe all of these departments have Glocks.

    Speaking of Sheriff's, Loudon County Sheriff's Office seems to be a growing force, and if you check the Virginia forums I think there's some recent information on them. I went through the first few phases of the hiring process with Montgomery County Sheriff's Office, but a conditional offer from another organization ended that before we really got too far. They were very clear that you will spend a good portion of your time doing prisoner transport, but have decent opportunities for work with special units.

    There are smaller Jurisdictions that you might want to look into as well, all are hiring and I'm sure most are thrilled to find a lateral. Alexandria City, Takoma Park, Hyattsville, Greenbelt, Mt Rainier and I'm sure there are more that I am forgetting. When I was making my decision about who to apply for, I found that these forces do not pay as much as the larger ones, but some offer better incentives such as take homes, unlimited overtime, flexibility in working with different units, etc.

    Don't forget your federal options. Capitol police, US Park Police, Secret Service Uniformed Division, and FBI/DOJ Police. US Caps seem to have the best starting salary in the region, however they spent the first few years guarding doors in the House and Senate office buildings. From what I understand it takes 2 or 3 years before you are able to put in for a transfer to patrol, but guys like Chiller who actually work for them would be a better source of information. FBI/DOJ police are very similar. USSS UD are more prominent and it is not uncommon for their patrol elements to make stops all over the city. They patrol my neighborhood in NW at random, to good effect.

    Real estate is insane, not just in the city but as far as Loudon County prices are very inflated. My girlfriend and I rent a 1 bedroom apartment for $1200. Usually that price won't include a parking space, but we are lucky... We live within a few blocks of a metro stop and there are 6 or 7 bus lines within the same distance. A friend spent $400,000 on a townhouse in Alexandria a few years ago, and the reappraisal already added about 50k to the worth of the house. I know others who went into "bad" parts of the city to pay an average of $150k for a rowhouse.

    Keep in mind that within the city limits, crime is not limited to the bad areas. A few years back we had a slew of robberies in Dupont Circle, Georgetown, and Adams Morgan. Those are the major hang outs with bars, shops, and food. I believe three people were murdered during robberies just in those areas that summer, and a "crime emergency" was declared. Ironic that it took 3 well-off individuals being murdered in the nice parts of town for that to happen... Take a trip to Cirsum Corda or Ivy City and you'll know that crime is still rampant within 20 blocks of the Capitol. I lived a half of a block from a metro stop in NW and we had two people try to break in within the first 6 months of living that unit. A year later someone was shot (DOA) over a parking place in front of a bar, and our alley was the scene of various crack-dealer/crackhead shake downs. Homeless guys dug through our trash every other night, and meanwhile, houses were selling on our block for $800,000.


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      That's a lot of information! I appreciate you being bored and having the time to type all that. The options are plentiful and that is never a bad thing.
      I am going to have to figure out where my goals would fit the best and go from there.
      Thank you for your reply!


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