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    Hey guys and girl's I do apologize for creating this topic when their are other's out. I accepted an offer with Don police in little creek, yeah just as a foot in the door type of deal and experience. I'm scheduled for two pre-employment physicals back to back. Can anybody tell me what to expect? The process has moved really fast and I mean it's only been a week. Go easy on me guys.

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    My condolences to you and enjoy working on a gate checking ID cards
    I don't answer recruitment messages....


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      Originally posted by orlandofed5-0 View Post
      My condolences to you and enjoy working on a gate checking ID cards
      In all fairness, that doesn’t seem like such a terrible thing if you know what you are getting into. You would know better then me, I know a lot of people say they don’t like it and they are treated poorly. If the pay were better I’d consider it, as I’m more interested in transitioning from patrol locally to a force protection federal LE type job. For some people, patrol at a traditional agency isn’t all that, or they find the work/life balance becomes undesirable. Different strokes for different folks.


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        We all have our own personal preferences. I can see a retired local LEO looking for a Low speed retirement gig being a good fit or if someone that just needs a job. As an Army MP I worked at a small base (many years ago) that was transitioning to DOD Police (that’s what they called them back then). The low pay, non-covered status and lack of promotion would be a no go for most (including me) but some just want a decent job that pays around 40-60K a year. Seems like it would be pretty low stress.

        If one is looking to get their foot in the door the best entry level Federal LEO gig is CBP (Both BP and OFO). These positions are covered (LEO retirement) and have an FPL of GS 12. This provides a very good salary and one can easily do a career in one of these positions. They both provide excellent promotion opportunities.

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          Listen to what these guys are saying Bleedz you have alot of guys on this forum that used to be MPs or worked as DOD police officer on this site. Stay far away from any DOD Police agency including Pentagon Police and damn sure Dept of Navy Police.


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            I'll give the OP the benefit of the doubt that its possible:

            - OP does not currently work in LE
            - This might be the 1st LE job offer OP has (so far)
            - OP may be "temp tied" to the Hampton Roads area

            If that's the case, there's nothing wrong with taking a DoN LE job. You admitted its just a foot-in-the-door and we all started somewhere. You can establish a good eqip profile for future backgrounds, will get to attend an actual FLETC course (UPTP), and at least will start to gain a little "LE exp" for the resume. If you do take the job, use the time you are there wisely by making good LE contacts, persuing better LE opportunities and start or finish your BA/BS.

            I agree that OFO/BP would be a much better "foot", but moving to a major city or SWB may not be an option for OP right now. If moving is an option, I would definitely persue OFO/BP.


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              I thank all of you for your advice. The only problem is I am currently going through with OFO I'm at the fit test part but unfortunately I haven't heard anything from them yet. DON has been moving super fast, just did my part 2 medical today and now I'm waiting to be scheduled for their fit test as well. I'm also processing with Fort Detrick as a security guard. I'd rather not move to Virginia but if I have to just for a year or even a couple months I'm willing.


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                Well go for the navy let them send you to FLETC and apply to CBP later or transfer to another government agency.


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