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    Originally posted by Forester87 View Post
    I just noticed that the USAJobs.gov announcement has changed the entry-level education requirement from a Bachelor's degree to an Associate's degree. They must be really hurting for candidates.
    They hurting bad man lol. Specially now that the Supreme Court is in hot waters and has everyone’s eyes on it. Plus the judges that are in office are highly controversial to the current U.S population so it makes sense why they hot to lower that standard. Plus honestly it makes more sense that is an associates now. Is a protection gig so there is really no point for them to have the Bachelors requirements when they did.


    • Forester87
      Forester87 commented
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      That seems quite likely. It probably isn't the most sought after federal LE job, and even more so because of current events. Out of the 6c covered 0083 positions in DC, the U.S. Park Police might be the least controversial at the moment. The Capitol Police and Supreme Court Police are in the thick of it and now get the spotlight from protesters on both sides of the political spectrum. I wonder, are FBI and USSS uniformed officers considered 0083s and are they 6c covered?

      Maybe the Supreme Court Police might be willing to let people with experience move to speciality units more quickly. That could be attractive for potential applicants.

    • Winter_Patriot
      Winter_Patriot commented
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      FBI is not covered. I thought that USSS UD was covered.

      It's interesting how the hiring climate changes. I wasn't referred for Supreme Court police in late 2020. A year after that roughly I was hired as an agent. You never know what an agency is looking for.

    • Anthropologist
      Anthropologist commented
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      I'd definitely take USPP over USSS Uniformed or FBI Uniformed.

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    Looks like now Supreme Court Police Officers have the highest starting pay of all federal law enforcement? Was checking their website and they now start new officers at 73,852


    • Insatiable
      Insatiable commented
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      USCP raised their salaries before the Supreme Court Police. I think they are now matching USCP to compete.

    • Bidstar
      Bidstar commented
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      Insatiable makes sense. Sounds like a great time to join the team!

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