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BLM Law Enforcement Ranger/USFS Law Enforcement Officer age waiver for veterans


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  • BLM Law Enforcement Ranger/USFS Law Enforcement Officer age waiver for veterans

    Any BLM/USFS LOEs out there who can shed some light on the age waiver for veterans. I have attempted to contact each agency several times, via email and phone but I have never received a response or strait answer over the phone. I will be retiring from the USAF in a few years and will be 40 by the time I retire. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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    I'm not a Fed-H/R or OPM guy, so take this info. With a grain of salt.

    I know that the Border Patrol has an age waiver (up to age 40) but the U.S. Department of the Interior and USDA, Forest Service is not giving age wavers(as far as I know). I don't think anyone but the Border Patrol will. I have been told at water cooler talk that the friend of a guy of someones brother got a waiver at XYZ- Agency after a law suit for age discrimination. The rumor mill....

    I came from state/local L.E. at age 35 (also a vet). I took some not so desirable Federal L.E. job/jobs to “stop the age clock” and get me into the the “6c/12d-LE retirement” system. This is one way to do it. In your case, you would need to leave the military and get into a covered Fed-LE job before age 37. You could always finish your military time in the military Reserve/guard. I know this may not be a desirable option.

    Now about the Federal natural resource law enforcement realm...
    As I stated, I was a Vet with years of state/local L.E. experience and was looking for a J-O-B in Federal natural resource law enforcement. It took me approx. 3-4 years of working with other Fed-L.E. Jobs to get into federal natural resource law enforcement. I also worked in a border state (good experience but not the location I was wishing for) for a year before finally getting one of the states/locations I was wishing to work in/at. I only tell you this to reinforce the need for you to “stop the clock” if your goal is BLM, USFS, Park Service, USFWS law enforcement.

    Getting into a covered FED-law enforcement job can be time consuming and getting into natural resource law enforcement can take even more time. If you are past the age limit and have your mind set on federal natural resource law enforcement, the DOD has a few jobs from time to time at some military bases. I don't know the job title, but it is natural resource/game warden work. They go to LMPT at FLETC and are GS-09 (don't know about AUO). They are not covered under “6c/12d retirement”. You can also go with a state game warden/ Natural resource law enforcement job. I work with the state guys and have always been impressed with them.

    Good luck and thank you for your military service...

    Stay Safe
    In God we trust, everyone else we search!


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