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    I am at Southwestern(Sylva) right now going through the type 2 program. Probably the best program in terms of price and quality. Wildland fire and first responder are rolled into the program at no extra cost. The down sides to this is that the program is 650 hours and it is a requirement of the program to get tased(even though NPS requirements are different). The only program better than this is Santa Rosa.

    Very hard course. No joke LE program. The NPS is stepping up their game. Can't talk about specifics of the course due to the restrictions places on us by instructors. PM me if you have any questions.


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      "Skagit Valley College
      Department of Criminal Justice
      2405 E. College Way
      Mount Vernon, Washington 98273-5899

      Class Dates: Aug. 30 - Dec. 10, 2010 (S) (720 hours)
      Class Dates: Jan. 3 - April 15, 2011 (S) (720 hours)

      This program mandates full attendance for the 720 hours held at the Mount Vernon Campus and is not available online. The Parks Law Enforcement Academy is based on a blended curriculum meshing the SLETP curriculum with the Washington State Basic Law Enforcement Reserve Officer's Program. This has resulted in qualification with a SLETP certificate and certification to work for certain agencies that require or recognize peace officer training with a natural/cultural/historic resources protection emphasis, including Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, county and local parks, and natural resources agencies in Washington or reciprocating states. The program is conducted in a full-time academy setting with a typical week consisting of a minimum of 40+ hours."

      What other state agencies would accept the Washington State Basic Law Enforcement Reserve Officer's Program?


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        What are the chances of getting a seasonal winter protection ranger position? I assume there are very few.......
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          Originally posted by ACO88
          What are the chances of getting a seasonal winter protection ranger position? I assume there are very few.......
          There are a lot fewer, compared to summer seasonals. For the most part, they go to experienced seasonals. I don't have exact numbers, though.

          And of course, with the new Seasonal Recruitment Center doing hiring, God only knows how that impacts things. They're asking candidates to rate their experience using motorized patrol boats, when they're evaluating them for jobs at places with absolutely ZERO water. So it's theoretically possible that you get Ranger A who outscores Ranger B, due to Ranger A's boating experience, for a job at a high desert park where the largest body of water is the sink in the maintenance break room.

          So, I really don't know how experienced is "experienced enough" to get a winter job now.


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