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MPD Bike Officer Physical


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  • MPD Bike Officer Physical

    I was just notified that I am scheduled for a bike officer physical at the DC Police and Fire Clinic. Does anyone know what this physical consists of?

    Since I am already an IPMBA (International Police Mountain Bike Association) Certified Police Cyclist, I do not understand why they are making me take a physical, since they are not making me take the MPD Bike Training class, but rather just issuing me bike gear and a bike.

    BTW, I am DC Protective Services Police ... yes, they are sending us to the clinic these days too.

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    normal phys. Just want to make sure you wont die durring training.
    Some say to take action and to fail is to die a dogs death. I say to live, and fail to take action is to live a dogs life.


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      Originally posted by mpdc
      Just want to make sure you wont die durring training.
      Thats what I figured, which is weird since myself and a few others who have the notices to respond to the clinic already have IPMBA Certification and don't have to complete the training.

      Thanks for the info.


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        Its the most pointless physical you will have to go through, I dont even understand why I had to do it before I went through the mountain bike course. The guy was basically like "hey, you look in shape, everything looks good" I was like, WTF.


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          That's pretty funny. I can't see why your biannual physical isn't enough to satisfy the requirements. When I took the bike class, we did not ave a physical, they just asked us a no BS, can you bike for at least 15 miles w/o stopping and i think we signed a pt waiver. I guess they figure if you can pass the PEB every 6 months you are in shape enough for a bike.


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