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    I just moved to the DC area, and I was curious if anyone had a good local place to get a good buy on a suit. Something a little nicer than the JC Penny detective special.

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    Find your local Jos A Banks - they always have good deals on nice suits


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      SYMS! the best and cheapest place to buy real good designer suits. They have a few locations around the DMV area


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        Jos A Banks is ok but, stay clear of the one in Annap. Harbour Center. They screwed up mine. SYMS is good.
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          Don't they have a Sears Roebuck outlet there?

          Get a quality Craftsman suit
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            Originally posted by RoadKingTrooper View Post
            Don't they have a Sears Roebuck outlet there?

            Get a quality Craftsman suit
            Do they have the same 'you break it, we replace it' guarantee on the suits?
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              Originally posted by LA DEP View Post
              Do they have the same 'you break it, we replace it' guarantee on the suits?
              Sounds like my kind of place!


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                I recently picked up a couple suits for $40.00. Yes forty dollars! Where? Where all the rich drop of their month old suits..............thrift store, goodwill. The two suits I got retail for no less than $400 a peice new. Check arounld tysons cornor, great falls area for thrift shops. If you are on a budget and still want a good suit. People will never know, unless you tell them. I was fighting people off for those suits I found. 95% new, ties too. Thomas pink, burberry, skinny ties. I have divulged enough of my secrets!
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                  A. Jos A Banks is doing a buy one get two free....not sure when it ends......

                  B. Men's Warehouse all over the place.... (where I go)...

                  C. Goodwill....

                  D. TJ Max is great for shirts and ties.....

                  E. Ross for Less is good as well....


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                    I would also look at Haggar; for off the rack suits they are good to go and process are quite low of late. I picked up 2 suits there for $150 (both) at a Haggar Outlet. Think they have one in the Outlet in Dale City still.

                    Would also add Marshals (Travoli Square) for decent dress shirts; though you have to wade through what is always a mess of shirts.

                    If you are a member of FLEOA JoS offers a fair discount, though I am not sure if it will apply to sale process. And I will second/thirt the 2nd hand route for those looking for deep discounts; back in the day I picked up an Armani and a few other “name brands” this way, along with a few blazers.
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