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Federal "Job Hopping"


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  • Federal "Job Hopping"

    I have an opinion questions for those of you in the Federal LEO field.

    I know generally job hopping shows signs of poor of work ethic... my questions is say you work for an agency (federal low-level non-leo) then you get another job (federal same agency, higher level) so really its kind of promotion (same agency not same department).

    I have various FLEO apps processing and very close to hiring in a few of them. Obviously the new job is better money, etc. I have a feeling that if i take the "promotion," maybe in 4-6 weeks won of the FLEO jobs may be calling. I also know I can't just stop my life/career and wait for that call.

    But how does the Fed. look at moving jobs often within the gov't?

    The FLEO world is totally different then the rest of the government and takes so much more time then anything else. I'm dedicated to getting on board as a LEO, i just wanted some other opinions.

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    A lot of people who work for the federal government hop from agency to agency. You'll be fine. Don't let a potential job affect your current career.


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      As long as it is for a promotion or salary increase, no one will blink an eye...

      People do it all the time, they really want to be a GS-13 with one agency, but the are only a GS-7, they move to another agency to get their GS-9, move up in a year of 2 to GS-11, then 12, then they are qualified to put in for the GS-13 back at their original agency, for example...

      Good luck


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        Thanks for your input and insight!

        I didn't think it would really matter as long as I keep moving up in pay grade/responsibility it is always good.

        I understand I can't wait for a "potential" job when it is not there yet, i have to live in the NOW.

        I just needed to here some FED veterans around tell me that, i'm only 24 and have 2 years of Federal service, but this would be another move for me.

        It's hard to tell your HR person: "I'm going to take this job, but if CBP/DEA/etc. come calling, I'm leaving!"


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          Originally posted by dmgritte View Post
          It's hard to tell your HR person: "I'm going to take this job, but if CBP/DEA/etc. come calling, I'm leaving!"
          Then don't. It's not their business until the time comes.


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