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    Applying and testing for Prince George PD sounded good, considering their recent wage increase, but it seemed a lot of officers from surrounding areas were applying. No wonder, it's a beautiful little area, and I hear it's as busy as YOU make it.

    Well those guys from Petersburg PD were right. Today (July 25) I saw an announcement for police officer at PPD. Just think it was funny when I heard one of them say, "Y'all can apply because were leaving"

    SALARY: $30,146
    LOCATION: Police Department
    STATUS: Classified/Full-Time
    CLOSING DATE: August 1, 2008

    I find it strange that the opening is only for a week, considering the very low pay. This makes them the lowest paid agency in the Metro-Richmond area??
    Who would consider applying?? No wonder their senior officers are leave for better wages and benefits. Petersburg has no significant tax base, relying on tourism which is consider seasonal.

    I just may consider applying, only to see how far I can go! FEN are you with me!?

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    ahhhhhh fed...i dunno bro. i like having a good rep, not trying to crash on PPD. I think they should just keep the guys that are in the process with us. I heard one of them killed 2 civilians because he was flying in his cruiser to a call..."code three style" without lights and SI-REEEEN, but heck fed, you can use me as a reference. However there are a few squared away officers there.
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      Go for it - if nothing else, you will get your feet wet with "urban" policing techniques. Petersburg is a micro version in Richmond, in many ways, but without the name recognition or being home to a state capital. As mentioned above, their tax base is not the greatest. Working there will probably what you make of it, and you can probably do well if you are squared away and apply yourself to your work. Also, the cost of living is likely somewhat lower than Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, VA Beach or any city north of Fredericksburg.

      Do three years with them, and then lateral elsewhere. Nothing wrong with that idea, right? The city's politics might be a bit askew, but PPD probably has some great officers. I knew a deputy at my old agency who came from Petersburg and had nothing bad to say about them - although he was happy to have moved to a more rural setting.

      I was down there three summers ago and I am not kidding when I tell you that I drove past their department building and saw a 1990 Caprice (the square-bodied one) in the parking lot. It still had an old light bar and stickers on it, so I assume that old battle wagon was still in service!

      Good luck and apply to as many agencies as you can! The more applications you have in, the greater the chance that you'll be hired by one of them.

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      The comments above reflect my personal opinion as a private citizen, ordinary motorist and all-around good guy.

      The aforementioned advice should not be construed to represent any type of professional opinion, legal counsel or other type of instruction with regard to traffic laws, judicial proceedings or official agency policy.


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        3 years with Petersburg will give you the experience of 6 years in some other departments. (This is what was said to me by a former Petersburg officer.)

        You've got nothing to lose by applying, in my opinion. Why not apply with Chesterfield? I'm almost a month and a half in to their academy now...
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