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  • Spring stick?

    This is sort of like a break off from another thread but what exactly is a spring stick?

    From what I understand, the legal definition is a device on which you push a button that forcibly extends the shaft several times its original length through the use of a spring.


    Would an ASP baton be considered a spring-stick under any interpretation of the code? It has to be manually opened -- there's no button or spring-assisted opening.

    Is the unconcealed carry/possession of said ASP expressly prohibited under VA law?

    I wouldn't advocate the carry of an ASP for non-LE llike myself, but should I worry about the possession of one? For example: I'm pulled over for speeding and I have the ASP (collapsed) in plain sight on the passenger seat. Would I have to worry about being charged/arrested for anything?
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    Coincidentally we were discussing that section this morning with a county attorney.

    The way he described a spring stick was a spring loaded weapon, similar to a ASP baton, that was cylindrical and had a push button trigger on the butt end. If you put the tip against someone's head, and then triggered it, it could knock someone out.

    It basically sounded like a Monadnock baton on steroids.
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      So one would be right in saying an ASP is not a spring-loaded stick under the definition of state law.


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        correct, it is NOT spring loaded...imagine if you were a good with a toy light saber if you ever had one, it extends in parts from momentum
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