According to their website, you can only have 2 or 3 (I saw both) points on your license in order to apply. Ok so here is my question. In the state of Florida, speeding tickets are 3 points and stay on your license for 3-5 years. I read that in Virginia, its only 2 years. I currently have 6 points on my license, but one of those offenses is from 7/2011 (date of issuance) and 8/2012 (date of disposition). I have no idea why the hell it took so long for that disposition but that's besides the point haha. Would VBPD apply Va laws to my driving record (meaning that those 3 points would have been gone had I been a registered driver in Va)? Also, there is no possible way to only have 2 points on your license in Florida if you ever committed an infraction of some sort, and we do not have the safe driver point deduction either, so would they accept the 3 points as eligible to apply?