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Which Virginia PD's and FD's are actually Civil Service? Who will actually hire?


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  • Which Virginia PD's and FD's are actually Civil Service? Who will actually hire?

    I was turned down my Virginia Beach PD last year. They claimed that I had a bad work reference. I did not have any issues at that employer that I know of other than a possible coworker who didn't like me. I believe they just had more qualified candidates. Does Virginia not selected you based on a Civil Service score and then have a pass fail process? I was extremely discouraged that I was compared to other applicants after the background. Obviously a certified police officer would be more qualified than me. I want to move to Virginia and become a Police or Firefighter. Is there any departments that I actually have a chance to get hired with? Don't want to fly in only to be overtaken by more qualified people.

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    I don't know of anywhere in Virginia that is Civil Service. But in the police/firefighter field, there will always be that chance you are outdone by people more qualified then you. Many people in these professions will tell you that they have been turned down for positions time and time again before eventually being picked up by an agency. You have to keep applying and keep going through processes to get on, its just the nature of the beast. If you don't want to travel to go through these processes I can assure you you'll never be hired. Traveling shows interest to most places, not wanting to travel, well that makes their decision easy.

    If Virginia is where you want to pursue a firefighter/police job, then apply away. There are a lot of police agencies that are continuously testing and hire year round. My agency tests often and puts on 2 academies a year right now. If you want it you have to go and get it, no one is just going to hand it too you.


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