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Advice for Injuries in Virginia-Backup Needed


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  • Advice for Injuries in Virginia-Backup Needed

    I am a medically retired police officer from a large agency in Virginia. I was top police academy graduate, patrol in a high crime district, made SWAT in short time, worked Peer Support, and was a police academy instructor who published articles as well spoke at national conferences on proper fitness and scenario training. I never once was written up or in trouble, not once. I had no conflicts at work ever and loved my job, my department, and my brothers and sisters on the job.

    Something to be aware of in the state of Virginia is that the workers compensation system can leave you vulnerable to insurance company and your employer making your life very miserable. I did not believe it at first, but now after enduring a nightmare that has destroyed my health and made me nearly homeless, it is true that you are just a number and their goal is to save money on your medical care. They will delay, deny, and ignore your medical needs to save money. Some workers compensation companies actually get a bonus or incentive for projected medical costs saving, so they case worker "helping" you get medical treatment is really trying to earn more money for their company.

    Please read my story and add me to your prayer lists. Sadly links to other articles contained in the newsletter show that this is a widespread problem with public servants, and the news has show our military veterans too. Medical care is delayed, denied, and ignored... I have learned that you must be your own advocate, ask for second opinions, document every detail of medical appointments, immediately get medical records from doctors and put them in a binder, and ask doctors to write down what they explain verbally (which is not usually the case with any medical appointments - one of many reasons most of the higher quality doctors avoid work comp cases like you are a leper because its extra documentation, less pay, or they end up stiffed medical bills and dragged into legal battles). Also keep a journal with notes from your medical appointments and submit it to the doctors to add to their files and to the case worker, so months or years later they do not try to misrepresent medical history or facts just to save money at the cost of your pain and suffering. Document your medical case like you would an investigation that needs to be ready for court.

    My story written by a friend doing a fundraiser so I do not go homeless (its G rated to whats really happened)

    Newsletter from police fitness company:
    Duty. Honor. Courage. Workers' compensation benefits are probably not on the same mental checklist when you start your tour of duty. Coverage for health, WC, and disability are supposed to be some of the "givens" you can count on, take comfort in, and trust will be available to you and your loved ones should the need ever arise. Unfortunately, that is not the case for everybody reporting for duty.

    Cops in TX really good one to read:
    Last April, Sergeant Chip Gillette, a 27-year veteran of the Fort Worth Police Department, was coming to a stop at a red light when a frantic woman covered in blood approached his squad car. The woman spoke only Spanish, but he eventually figured out that she had been assaulted and asked her to take him…

    Firefighters in MD:

    When you get hired you do not research how injured officers are treated at that agency, and if you did it would raise major red flags. But it is something to be aware of.

    God Bless, Be Safe

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    Agree...I always felt I would be protected if I was hurt on the job. The longer I worked, the more I saw and heard about the horror stories concerning VA Workmen's Comp. Made me hope I wouldn't get hurt on the job.

    Did my 23 years and retired. I miss the clowns, not the circus!!


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