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    Finally figured out for sure I will be getting out of the military next summer, so here in January or so I will start applying. This past weekend I spend time with my wife and we traveled to and stayed at a Hotel in Virginia Beach ocean front (i was annoyed the whole time with the immature people). While there we spend a lot of time driving around Norfolk and also Hampton. Hampton PD has been very interesting to me but "negative talk" about the city had driven me away a bit. After driving through and around the city it doesn't seem so bad and we kind of like it. Also, every place almost has bad neighborhoods. I am "pretty sure" I am going to pursue Hampton over VA Beach and Norfolk. Few things I have come to like about Hampton is 4 days on 2 day off with 8.5 hour shifts schedule, carry Sig Sauer's and have take home cars. The promotion system seems decent too, unlike VA beach where you don't promoted till at least 6 years after the academy. Does anybody else have any additional info on Hampton and I am asking for positive, negative or in between information. Any info to help make final decision would be great. Semper Fi.
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    I don't know what stage you are in life, but from my research it seems Hampton has some of the worst public schools in Hampton Roads (maybe a little better than Portsmouth). It also seems a bit geographically segregated from the rest of Hampton Roads because of the tunnels. Norfolk/Va Beach/Chesapeake seem nice because you can easily get around without waiting in the horrendous tunnel traffic. If I were you I'd do some research into the bigger three cities of HRs.


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