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Traffic Advisor, Arrow Stick <======> Not authorized?


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  • Traffic Advisor, Arrow Stick <======> Not authorized?

    I havent seen these systems on any lightbars out here in VA. <======> They look like this. Does anyone know why they would not be? I have a friend down in Ashland who says they had one car equipped but was briefed by CALEA that they werent authorized.

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    The Police here in Roanoke have traffic advisors similar to that mounted right below the regular light bar.


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      My department is CALEA certified, and my car has one....


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        Few cars in Fairfax have them with the yellow strobes. But all of our lightbars can be put into directional.
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          i know they had one in hopewell, but not sure if they still do. i will look in to it
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            Pretty sure that Colonial Heights has them as well.
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              They are authorized for use only for their intended purpose, which is to signal oncoming traffic while the patrol car is stopped. We can't put it in flash mode and use it while moving.

              For some reason we are somewhat behind the times as far as approving amber lighting for rear warning.
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                They must be authorized, because I have seen many of them in several jurisdictions.

                IIRC, amber lights on a police vehicle can only be used to the REAR and the vehicle must be stationary.

                P.S. I saw one in Stafford County just a few days ago. The patrol car had an amber "Arrow Stik" (or equivalent) on the rear deck. I believe there were six yellow segments, with one red on the far left and one blue on the far right.
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                  We had them on our Vista lightbars.....guys would run them going code to a call, we had one sergeant who used to go ballistic over that. Since he has some say in the car equipment installations, as the bars have been recycled, they have pulled all the bulbs and filters frpm some of them...really looks dorky, all those empty sockets.


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                    There has long been discussion that the VSP will not allow amber flashers etc on cars....I remember seeing one in my local area, but it disappeared rather quickly.....


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