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  • Info Needed Please

    I am looking for some info from some sworn LEO's in VT. I am a sworn Officer in NJ and with the economy here the way it is my department is next on the chopping block for lay offs with me possibly being one of the many getting the ax. So I'm considering my options of going out of state. If anyone has any info on departments that are taking laterals from out of state I would greatly appreciate it. Also if you can tell me what you like and don't like about working in VT would be appreciated as well. Any info on retirement, pay, and benefits would be great also. Feel free to PM me if needed.

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    Here is the info about waivers for our academy:

    Here are the departments currently hiring:

    Salaries are likely significantly lower than NJ and benefits are not likely as good. All in all it's a good place to work as long as you're not expecting call to call to call, as our largest city Burlington only has a population of 40k. The state is very liberal (think MA and CA type liberal).

    The good things:
    All officers irregardless of where they work all have state wide authority for all violations.
    Lots of opportunities to work grant projects (DUI, etc.)
    Depending on where you work it can be super busy or super slow or any combination in between.
    Bigger PD's make good money for the area. Benefits are usually good, but you won't see the good retirement plans you see in other places.

    The bad things:
    Very liberal.
    Lots of snow.
    No search incident to arrest of vehicles, no PC searches of vehicles, consent to search anything must be recorded or signed and can't order someone out of vehicle on stop without their consent or suspicion of crime being committed...

    Good luck!


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      Thanks a lot for the info NJ is also a very liberal state. We don't have search incident to arrest anymore either, no PC searches of vehicles either, and everything is recorded as well. We can only order the driver out of a vehicle but to order a passenger out of a vehicle you need consent or suspicion of a crime. The salary to me is not that important. We make good money here but our cost of living is ridiculous. For example I pay 10,000 a year in property tax for a 60x100 lot. Going call to call gets old after a while too and you get burned out faster. I'll definitely look into it though. Hopefully they won't go through with the layoff's. Thanks again for the info and stay safe.


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        Fuzz said it well. Still some Departments in VT are cutting staff as well, or at a hiring freeze. Small State but we are feeling the crash as well. Good luck and if you need some help with Departments in Chittenden County, hit me up and I'll see if I can answer any questions for you.


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          Hey guys. You may recognize me from the VT forum about 2 years ago when I was applying up there. (I ended up keeping my eyes set on the NYPD and moving there, but I still troll this forum) Seems like a lot of people that start looking at VT are from NJ above all other areas. I just thought that was interesting... lol I'm sure Vermonters aren't flocking to NJ in the same way!
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            Its a long shot but are there any Swanton Police Police Officers on here? If so please send me a PM.
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