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    I'm interested in joining the UHP. I am a former FL officer and Fed officer. The UHP website was helpful, however I was curious about off-duty/overtime details for extra money. Florida Troopers are underpaid, but they can make 30-40k in details. What shifts do you work? Last, but most important, how are assignments made out of the academy? I really need to live between SLC and Park City, as I have family relocating there. Thank you for any replies.

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    I'm not a trooper, but I've seen MANY assigned to construction area shifts on the freeway. Sit still with your lights on.
    The road builders have to pay for that.
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      Thanks Ken.


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        And they have some nifty looking CVs and uniforms .



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          It's been a while since I was a trooper with UHP, so take what I say with a grain of salt, because a lot can change in 3 years. Overtime was hit or miss, usually miss, but even during the good times you weren't going to make anywhere close to 30 or 40k extra, more like 5 to 10k max. Wide load escorts, road closures, federal seatbelt and DUI shifts, and construction details were the main types of OT available. Salt Lake always needs troopers, as it is the biggest section by far, and it is possible to get Park City right off the bat (that's where I started out at), but due to the expensive housing prices of the area, most troopers live in the Heber area, with some even living in Evanston, Wyoming. PM me with any more questions.
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            Just 10-14 heber is almost as expensive as park city itself now. Good luck and if you don't know what 10-14 means google apco ten code.
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