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  • Equipment help..

    Well im at the point in the academy where I need to buy a few things for my belt. First are the flashlights. I was thinking about getting the Streamlight SL-20X-LED with AC/DC chargers for my large flashlight. Im not sure which i should get for my belt, a small rechargeable tactical one or one like the Streamlight Stinger DS LED Flashlight. Some guys i know that have the Streamlight Stinger DS LED Flashlight say it is too big for your belt and gets caught up a lot? Any suggestions or comments on either of these? If i go with a small tactical for my belt any suggestions?? Id like a rechargeable if possible and dont want to pay too much but if its worth it and will last forever then i will. Thanks guys

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    I suggest the streamlight Strion it is smaller than the Stinger yet as powerful and rechargable if you dont want to go that route then get a good surefire there are several that will fit your belt with no problem
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      I was at a similar point last year at the academy. These days, after 6 months of "real-world" time under my belt (not much I know), here's what I found to work "best" for me:

      -Stinger DS LED wedged between the drivers seat and radio console. Used for night work such as traffic stops, building clearing, etc. I slide it into a rear pocket if I need both hands for something. Spare battery is in my duty bag, charger is at home, and both batteries are charged once a week. Solid enough that it will leave a mark if I have to use it as a strike weapon real quick...

      -LED 6P with a crenellated strike bezel (knock off bezel bought off ebay) rides on my belt. Used for all daytime needs and close up work like car searches (under dashes, tool boxes, etc). 3 extra batteries are in my duty bag. Pretty lightweight, but the bezel affords me the option of raking it across flesh if need be (ouch!) to buy time and/or distance...

      -Strion rides in my duty bag as a backup. I've come to believe the sage flashlight advice that if you have 1 you have none. If you have 2, then you have 1, If you have 3, then you have 2...

      -3D-Cell LED Maglites rides in my POV. Big and heavy, plus cheap enough to replace if lost/stolen...

      For me, the Stinger DS is too big to carry on my belt. The 6P works great and is small enough I don't notice it or catch it on anything...

      Trust me, you'll go through a few options before figuring out what works "best" for your habits. Heck, a cheapo Streamlight/Surefire knockoff from Target or Wal-Mart will work for getting through the academy in a pinch. If you really want to geek out on lights, dig around at and

      Also, search for posts by "black bear 84" such as the one at He builds some pretty trick lights and puts a lot of information out there...
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        I've carried a Stinger for nine years and can't remember ever getting it hung up on anything. I had one of those holsters mae for it with the open bottom, hated it. Some like em but not me. I use an ASP holster for mine and works great.


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          im going to order the SL-20X-LED for my big flashlights since we have a ride out this weekend but still looking at options for my belt one, im sure ill have multiple as the suggestions continue haha


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            I carry a Stinger on my belt with an open bottom holder and I have never had any problems with it. I also use the SL20X for my big light and love it.
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